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Rendezvous Development

Fraser, Colorado



Rendezvous Colorado, LLC


Rendezvous Colorado, LLC


June 01, 2006

Developers needed a bridge to span the Fraser River, which runs through a wooded 450-acre residential community. Rendezvous Colorado LLC, began researching prefabricated bridges and soon contacted Contech discuss the project.

A Continental ® Link ® style pedestrian truss bridge was recommended for the site. The structure’s attractive cross bracing and weathering steel finish complements the architecture at Rendezvous, which is inspired by the old mining and railroad industries.

“We really like how the bridge looks” said Terry Stanford, Director of Development for Rendezvous Colorado. “Its style and the color fit in well with our natural surroundings”

The bridge provides an important connection for Rendezvous residents. It links Mountain Man Park on the east side of the river to Mary’s Pond on the western side. Additionally, the bridge is part of Rendezvous’ extensive scenic trail system, which adjoins the Rocky Mountain National Park trail system.

According to Stanford, the installation went very smoothly. Two 30-ton cranes were used, one positioned on each side of the river. The cranes swung the two bridge sections over the river where they were bolted together and then lowered onto the abutments. The entire operation from start to finish lasted only six hours.


Technical Description:

  •  Width: 8 ft
  • Span: 150 ft
  • Style: Link®
  • Finish: Weathering Steel
  • Decking: Trex®

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