Xbloc is a robust breakwater, shoreline & coastal protection system. Designed to protect the world’s coastline, providing a resilient, sustainable and economical solution.

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Effectively Control Erosion and Protect Shorelines

Contech has partnered with Delta Marine Consultants to bring the Xbloc systems to the United States. The Xbloc systems are well-suited for the protection of the United States’ vast coastline, shorelines and breakwaters.
XblocPlus is the next generation coastal protection system handling design waves in excess of 30 feet with slopes up to 1.33H:1V while using 40% less materials than traditional armor solutions. XblocPlus has undergone extensive laboratory testing including testing at the Deltares Delta Flume, the world’s largest hydraulic testing facility. XblocPlus has an efficient and unique installation system that saves valuable time and money.

Features & Design Advantages:

  • High resilience to climate change
  • Single layer, interlocking, regularly placed
  • Up to 50% fewer units than traditional solutions
  • Designed to be a maintenance free system
  • Architectural finish


  • Extensive testing conducted in the Deltares Delta Flume 
  • Testing on multiple wave heights, wave steepness and slopes 
  • 3D model tests 
  • Ability to scale test project geometry and hydraulic conditions

Installation Advantages 

  • Regular placement 
  • Clear approval criteria 
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Minimal installation time
  • Accurate and safe
Xbloc is the has been the market leading concrete armor unit for more than 20 years. More than a half million Xbloc units have been successfully installed on six continents. The units install randomly with high hydraulic stability. The form of the block provides high porosity reducing concrete consumption and overall CO2 footprint compared to traditional armor solutions.

Features & Design Advantages:

  • Robust and durable with a long, successful installation record
  • Single layer, rapid replacement
  • 10% less concrete than other single layer systems
  • Adaptable to tough site conditions

The Contech Design Center

The Contech Design Center provides engineers unparalleled flexibility in the layout and configuration of a Contech Bridge System. Our latest release includes options previously unavailable in a free, web-based design tool:

  • A 2D/3D design environment with high resolution graphics including BIM model output.
  • The ability to import a PDF site plan and design a system to scale over the plan.
  • Provide instant access to customized, project-specific drawings.
  • Design multiple systems per project and save for future use.
  • Digitally collaborate using the new “Project Collaboration” feature. Share your project easily with anyone through the new project management page.

Contech Design Center

Technical information for this product is located in the technical guide’s section. 

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Land Reclamation with Xbloc Armoring

Xbloc and XblocPlus can be applied to reclaim land around offshore islands.  For such projects, logistics are vital, therefore the transportation efficiencies of the Xbloc systems coupled with the reduced number of units and overall concrete requirements make them an ideal solution.

Breakwaters with Xbloc Armoring

The main function of breakwaters is to create a sheltered basin for shorelines, beaches, vessels and recreational areas. The high porosity of the Xbloc and XblocPlus systems results in a reduction of concrete consumption compared to other concrete armors. This means fewer units, less concrete, and lower CO2 emissions.

Shoreline Protection with Xbloc Armoring

Xbloc or XblocPlus armoring offer a reduction in material quantities, reduced CO2 emissions, increased resilience to climate change and less maintenance over alternative rock based solutions. Additionally, the steeper Xbloc slopes allow for land reclamation.

Groynes & Jetties with Xbloc Armoring

Xbloc and XblocPlus armor units can be used to protect groynes or jetties. Thanks to steeper slopes, less core material, filter and armor material is required than conventional rock armorings.

Armortec Solutions for Shoreline and Stream Bank Protection

The Armotec® Family of Products (ArmorFlex, A-Jacks and Armortec) along with the latest addition of XblocPlus (a revolutionary hard armor system ideal for vast coastlines and breakwaters) offers permanent solutions to erosion by armoring the area of maximum scour. 

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Our engineers can review your requirements, weigh all options, and recommend the optimal solution to integrate with your site designs.

Technical Expertise

Our engineers can assist by providing product specific engineering calculations such as hydraulics, buoyancy, foundation reactions, and unit sizing.

Cost Estimates

We can quickly provide engineer’s cost
estimates to assist with your solution
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Our engineers can provide site-specific drawings for proposals, project meetings, and submittals, helping you be more efficient with your time.

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