Bio Clean® Catch Basin Inlet Filters

Bio Clean® Catch Basin Inlet Filters

Bio Clean Catch Basin Inlet Filters provide the first defense against trash and other pollutants entering your stormwater system by providing 100% trash capture at the source.

Catch Basin Inlet Filters

*Catch Basin Inlet Filters are only available in California

Our nation has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waterways. Unfortunately, trash such as cigarette butts, food packaging, cans and bottles, and plastic waste makes its way into streams, creeks, rivers, and the ocean, as rain events wash them into gutters and storm drains

Bio Clean Catch Basin Filters provide the first defense against trash and other pollutants entering your stormwater steam by providing 100% trash capture at the source, preventing system clogging and improving downstream water quality.  


  • 1-year warranty
  • Long-lasting, stainless steel construction
  • Designed for a wide range of sizes to fit most curb and grate inlets
  • High-flows bypass prevents scouring of previously captured trash and debris
  • Installed and maintained in minutes


All Bio Clean Catch Basin Inlet Filters are available in grate inlet and curb inlet configurations.

  • Standard Sediment Filter
    • Over 1,000 LBS of load capacity


  • Bio Clean's Curb Inlet Filters are easily installed under catch basin access for ease of maintenance.
  • Grate Inlet Filters can be quickly installed directly under grated inlets with no special equipment.


Filters can be easily accessed from the surface without entering the catch basin and can be maintained by a vac truck or by hand.  

Technical information for this product is located in the technical guide’s section. 

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Trash Removal

Many municipalities have enacted specific trash control strategies in response to TMDLs or municipal stormwater permit requirements. To address these issues, stormwater managers, municipal officials, and other stakeholders need solutions like Contech's Catch Basin Inlet Filters, Debris Separating Baffle Box, and CDS hydrodynamic separators that can remove trash and TSS, which are easy to maintain, and can easily be implemented in a retrofit scenario.

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