StormRax™ Racks and Debris Cages

StormRax™ Racks and Debris Cages

The StormRax™ line of structural plastic trash racks and debris cages are used to prevent floating and particulate debris from clogging stormwater outlet control structures. StormRax trash racks and debris cages are available in numerous sizes and shapes to accommodate nearly every type of application.

The Need for Stormwater Trash Racks and Debris Cages

Trash racks and debris cages are used to prevent floating debris from clogging stormwater outlet control structures. The goal is to trap material on the outside of the structure where it can be easily removed. Failure to keep a riser structure clean can greatly diminish the flow capacity possibly resulting in overtopping of the embankment.

A trash rack will collect this debris in plain sight, which will encourage maintenance as needed, as opposed to debris collecting unseen inside a structure with no apparent problem until the structure becomes completely clogged. 

The StormRax Advantage

StormRax products are constructed from a structural cellular core surrounded by integral skins forming a totally integrated structure. Structural molded parts made from HDPE and fiberglass have a high strength-to-weight ratio and have 3 to 4 times greater rigidity than solid parts of the same material of equal weight.

StormRax products provide a structurally sound product with a long-lasting quality appearance. StormRax products are designed to withstand the conditions of pond structures - rough handling, high/low temperatures,  and long-term weather exposure. They are a great alternative to painted and galvanized steel racks for use in stormwater management ponds and general water screening.

StormRax Advantages

  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Corrosion, chemical, and UV resistant
  • Withstands high/low temperatures & long-term weather exposure
  • Many shapes, including Round, Peak, Flat, Sloped, and Pyramid
  • Can be mounted on concrete structures, plastic, and metal pipe

Technical information for this product is located in the technical guide’s section. 

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Trash Removal

Many municipalities have enacted specific trash control strategies in response to TMDLs or municipal stormwater permit requirements. To address these issues, stormwater managers, municipal officials, and other stakeholders need solutions like Contech's Catch Basin Inlet Filters, Debris Separating Baffle Box, and CDS hydrodynamic separators that can remove trash and TSS, which are easy to maintain and can easily be implemented in a retrofit scenario.

The Contech Advantage

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