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Considerations for Surface Runoff

The design of highways and streets requires a delicate balance between the physical demands of a project and the realities of everyday constraints. From feasibility studies to planning, design, procurement, construction supervision and post-construction assessments, there are many different facets that must be evaluated to ensure optimal efficiency

And the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to ...

If you were to work at a firm for 50 years or stay married to the love of your life for 50 years, would you say that was a remarkable milestone?   Would one consider this to be a life time of service where congratulations are in order?  So, tell me, when a design engineer chooses to use a pipe product that has an anticipated design service life of

How to Select a Stormwater Maintenance Company

Let’s start by stating what I would consider to be an obvious fact: all Stormwater BMPs require maintenance. Whether we are talking about public domain or manufactured treatment devices, they all need routine maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently over extended periods of time.Maintenance is defined as the routine recurring work required to

Are we missing the point? The danger posed by overreliance on ...

I would consider myself a big picture thinker, always seeking to understand the full story, including the whys and how’s of a given situation.  I also like to probe below the surface and get my head around the root of a problem since that’s where the lasting solutions are usually found.  When I look around the full breadth of the stormwater