Hidden Assets: Advancements in Storm Sewer Design and Technologies

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Key Considerations in Selecting a Culvert or Buried Structure

Choosing the right culvert or buried bridge structure is crucial for any site application. While this may seem straightforward, it involves numerous practical and functional considerations. Project engineers and site developers must address these factors early in the planning stages.

Why Aluminized is better than Galvanized for Culvert Service Life

Metallic coatings have been applied to iron and steel armaments as early as the 17th century. The purpose of metallic coatings applied to steel is to help retard corrosion. The zinc coating process of steel, referred to as galvanizing, was name after Luigi Galvani, an Italian physicist who lived in the 18th century. Galvanized steel in the construction industry came into widespread use in the early 20th century.

Why Pretreat Your Stormwater Infiltration System?

Proper maintenance is hands-down the most important factor in the sustainability of any infiltration system. By their very nature, infiltration systems are difficult to inspect and maintain. The selection of a cost-effective and easy-to-access pretreatment system can mean a huge difference in maintenance expenses for years to come.

From Party Jokes to Precast Ponds - The Power of Precast Concrete in Stormwater Management

On the rare occasion I get invited to a party, I like preparing topical jokes, funny anecdotes, and ways of explaining my job as a stormwater engineer that won’t instantly put the other guests to sleep. So when someone asks what I do, I usually pique their curiosity by answering, “I make the world a cleaner place, one storm at a time.” This usually gets a follow-up question about what that means or a confused look and a request to tell another joke about pineapples.