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A Few Thoughts on Backfill Material Selection

After having successfully completed a new professional development hour (PDH) article for Informed Infrastructure on the topic of buried culverts and service life, I was struck by the complexity of what may seem, at first blush, to be a relatively straightforward project. Specifically – the importance of the backfill material selection process.Not

Put THAT in Your Pipe...

A question that comes up frequently: “Will this alternate pipe solution convey the same amount of flow that’s shown on these set of plans?”And the one thing most people tend to dread hearing is the same tired response: well, that depends. Why does it always have to depend on something? Just give me an answer: yes or no?As an engineer, it has been

Three Components of Infiltration System Design

Three Components of Infiltration System DesignCommon infiltration practices include drywells, bioretention, permeable pavement, infiltration trenches, infiltration basins, and subsurface infiltration galleries. Regardless of their form, all infiltration systems have three primary components: storage, treatment, and infiltration.1. StorageRetention

What’s Happening Inside My High Performance Biofiltration System?

An appropriately designed and manufactured high performance biofiltration system combines the benefits of natural biofiltration with the reliable and predictable performance of an engineered system. Each high performance biofiltration system utilizes a multifaceted approach including physical, chemical and biological processes to capture,