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DuroMaxx® SRPE Technology | What is it?

You may be new to DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE for short) pipe. If you are, here is a brief introduction. What is DuroMaxx SRPE? DuroMaxx is the brand name for this innovative technology. “Durability / Maximum Benefits / Ultra Large” … if you get the naming methodology. And steel reinforced polyethylene is what it exactly what it

Inlet and Outlet Control Flow, it’s Supercritical.

Let’s get a basic idea of what inlet control is from a culvert hydraulics standpoint and compare it to outlet control. When you have a flow through a culvert, there is a limit on the capacity of fluid conveyed through the culvert. Inlet control applies when the culvert barrel has more capacity than the inlet will accept. Outlet control is the

Designing BMPs in Parallel

“One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party” may not exactly apply to manufactured treatment devices (MTDs), but hopefully, this post can offer some insight that will make designing multiple MTDs in parallel a little more fun.It is common practice to utilize different Best Management Practices (BMPs) in series or “treatment trains” to

Stormwater Goes Mainstream: ASTM Launches E64, a New Committee...

ASTM International (ASTM) has been a recognized leader in consensus standard development by many different industries for more than 100 years now.  ASTM’s newest technical committee, E64, is devoted specifically to developing standards applicable to the broad class of stormwater management practices known as stormwater control measures (SCMs).