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Part II: That's a load ... off my mind

Load DissipationAs promised, here is the second part of this two-part blog series. In the first section, I discussed the standard live load design vehicles and presented the design methodology of these vehicles. In the second part of this series, I will discuss how the live load dissipates, and how to determine the live load pressure at various

Part I: That's a load ... off my mind.

For this two-part series, we’re going to delve into live loading. A majority of what will be covered in this article goes into design methodology. Additional detail will be included in the follow up, so make sure to check back for that second article. Standard design live load vehicles on corrugated pipe can be mostly broken down into the following

Don’t Lose Your Head over Head Loss!

When it comes to using hydrodynamic separator (HDS) treatment devices, it is becoming commonplace to integrate them into storm sewer networks without worrying about the hydraulic impact of the device. After all, the majority of these devices are manholes or vaults with flow-through treatment, which are seemingly uncomplicated when compared to those

Designing Stormwater Filtration Systems: Design Red Flags

With stormwater pollutant removal requirements increasing nationwide, the demand for robust filtration has also increased.  Designing and specifying a properly functioning filter extends beyond specifying the correct product (media or membrane filter) and sizing correctly (flow or volume based).  These additional considerations are classified as