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Deep Foundation Types for Wind Turbines

We recently held a webinar which focused on vertical applications for corrugated steel pipe, and I had the opportunity to give a quick overview of the two main deep foundation types used for wind turbines. It made sense to follow up with some of that discussion here on the Pipe Blog for those that may not have been able to attend.There are two

DuroMaxx® SRPE Advances in Nationwide Acceptance

We’re excited that DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) has been accepted for use by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).  DuroMaxx is now an approved material type for drainage and culverts applications that can be considered on DOT projects all across the state of Georgia! DuroMaxx has continued to gain traction nationwide

Six Filter Media Options to Meet Stormwater Treatment Regulat...

Stormwater regulations are calling for an increased level of treatment. Engineers often specify manufactured, media-based filtration systems to meet the most stringent stormwater treatment regulations.Media filters work in two ways. First, stormwater passes over and through the media. Pollutants become trapped in the voids between media particles

Why Removing Phosphorus from Stormwater is so Difficult

Phosphorus is the second-most-regulated pollutant in stormwater runoff after total suspended solids. However, engineers and regulators are still learning how to remove phosphorus from stormwater to promote healthy waterways and meet agency requirements.One reason phosphorus is difficult to remove from stormwater is that it can be found in different