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Grout, Grout, Let It All Out!

A Response to Frequently Asked Reline Grouting QuestionsDuring our recently held national reline webinar, we received several questions around grout. The Pipe Blog offers an excellent platform to address some of these questions. Here are just a few received. How far along the pipe length can the grout be pumped? The answer depends on the grout

Put a Pipe Under That Hill?? Inconceivable!

By Zach Moore and Maddi BomkampIn the smash hit 1987 film, The Princess Bride, Princess Buttercup violently pushes her beloved Westley down an endlessly sloped hillside. We know what you’re thinking: “Could a corrugated metal pipe possibly be placed underneath such a sloped hill? Inconceivable!” This question has plagued men and women alike since

Media Filtration vs. Membrane Filtration: What’s the Big Diffe...

Stormwater regulations are calling for an increased level of treatment. This often takes the form of filtration systems. Two types of filtration systems used in stormwater are media filtration and membrane filtration.Media Filtration systems function through physical capture of pollutants, as well as adsorption of pollutants through chemical

Hitting a Knuckleball, Field Monitoring of Stormwater Best Man...

When I think about field monitoring, I often think about baseball. More specifically, I think about the knuckleball pitch. Since the knuckleball pitch has little to no spin, the ball moves in a completely unpredictable fashion. Unlike a fastball or a curveball, there are no pitching mechanics to indicate where the ball will likely wind up after