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“An Uplifting Situation”

The design, manufacture and installation of Concrete, Corrugated Steel, Plastic and Steel Reinforced Polyethylene pipe happens every day for storm sewers and culverts. While most design engineers spent many hours in college learning about hydrology and hydraulics, how many spent time studying the buoyancy of pipe materials in the field? While most


Many times, with corrugated metal pipe, there are sites that will require the pipe to curve around a corner or angle around a building. It is simple to provide a 90 degree or 45 degree turn, but what do you do when the turn isn’t so easy and it needs to be refined to a more precise curve? These curves usually go around cul-de-sacs, around

Stormwater BMP Maintenance – The Disposal Question

Installing a Stormwater BMP is an important step towards protecting our waterways, but for them to perform as designed, they must be maintained regularly. Where do we dispose of the material removed from catch basins and stormwater treatment systems after maintenance?  I get that question regularly from both private and municipal maintenance

Put Your Bioretention Media Testing on Autopilot

At the heart of every bioretention system is the media that captures and immobilizes pollutants that are then decomposed, volatilized and incorporated into the biomass of the system’s micro/macro fauna and flora. Bioretention media cannot be the heart of the system removing the intended pollutant load when flow rate is compromised due to premature