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Are there any specific situations where PVC is not recommended?

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar covering multiple states and 300 participants.  The topic was PVC pipe applications and design considerations.  Over 20 questions and requests were submitted and I decided to respond to one on the Pipe Blog – knowing that many of you may also have had a similar question. Hopefully, this

Culverts & Buried Bridges » PART 3 - Attention to Structure Ty...

This article is the third part in a blog article series focused on the basic fundamentals related to selecting material type, structure type, structure shape and size selection for culverts and buried bridge structures. Part 1 of this series was intended to be a brief overview of the various key factors related to the process of logical structure

Understanding the Roles of the NJDEP and NJCAT in implementing...

As the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) certification program for Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs) has evolved over the years, one thing has remained consistent.  Confusion among stormwater professionals regarding the role that NJDEP plays vs. the role that the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT)

Ups of Street Trees and Downs of Leaves

Enjoying a spectacular fall in Portland, Oregon leads me to talk about street trees and leaves.As we all know the value of trees extends well beyond stormwater management.  Urban trees provide numerous benefits including providing wildlife food and habitat,  reduction of the heat island effect (up to 4 degrees C)  and reduction in CO2 emissions and