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How Can Relining with PVC Improve Hydraulics?

U.S. sewer infrastructure continues to see increasing rates of sanitary and storm sewer deterioration and a need for cost-effective rehabilitation solutions. Contech has such a solution, with A2™ Liner PVC pipe. A2 Liner pipe is an augmentation of Contech’s A-2000™ PVC pipe, meeting the requirements of ASTM F949 & D3212. A2 Liner, with its

When It's Too Close for Comfort

One of the factors in determining the selection of a structure or structures to convey or store water is whether to use a single cell or multiple cell structures.The hydraulics and the economy of the solution are primary factors. While a single cell may be the more desirable option, the amount of headroom, or the vertical distance from the invert

The Problem of Road Salts

It’s that time of year again - temperatures have dropped below freezing, and the wintery weather has blown in. Departments of Transportation, state, local and city road crews are being kept on their toes, applying roadway treatments and safe passage for all of us. It is estimated that the US spends approximately $2.3 billion annually to keep highways free of snow and ice, and roughly 20% of transportation department budgets goes toward winter road maintenance.

Understanding the Roles of the NJDEP and NJCAT in implementing...

As the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) certification program for Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs) has evolved over the years, one thing has remained consistent.  Confusion among stormwater professionals regarding the role that NJDEP plays vs. the role that the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT)