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Designing within Existing Infrastructure Constraints

As a kid, I always wanted to dig holes in the ground. My mom wouldn’t let me…mostly because it would make our yard look ugly, but perhaps, somewhere in the back of my mom’s mind she knew I was supposed to call 811 and verify if there were any utility lines in our yard. Now that I’m older and work for a company that manufactures and designs

When Things Get Salty, Get CORLIX!

When there is a need for a pipe, and it is in a salt water application, there is really only one perfect solution…….CORLIX!!!Contech’s CORLIX® pipe, also known in the industry as Corrugated Aluminum Pipe (CAP), has an endless number of characteristics that makes it the best choice when dealing with salt water or brackish conditions.  First and

The Flexibility of Media-Based Stormwater Filter Systems

Media-based stormwater filtration systems are much more flexible in their design than their rigid, precast concrete structure would suggest. A brief look inside that durable housing identifies several design options these systems offer to further reinforce their flexibility.  Flexibility to treat site-specific pollutantsJust as each site differs in

Common Sizing Methodologies for Hydrodynamic Separators Part 2...

In last month’s blog post, we took a look at the Point on a Curve sizing methodology. In this month’s post, we will look at the other common HDS sizing methodology: the Net Annual sizing method. As a reminder, proper sizing should start by checking local regulations.The Net Annual method is used to determine an HDS system’s pollutant removal