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Corrugated Steel Pipe in Vertical Construction Applications

HistoryLong before the creation of the industrial bread slicer, Corrugated Steel Pipe was invented in the United States.  Corrugated Steel Pipe was first used for hydraulic cross culverts in the 1800s.   Since the first culvert application, Corrugated Steel Pipe has been used in many different construction applications. Efficiently Engineered for

Contaminated Runoff at Airfields

In our recent national webinar featuring “Efficient Design Solutions for Airfields”, one topic that garnered a large amount of interest was dealing with contaminated runoff. Two target chemicals in the case of airfield runoff are spent glycol from aircraft deicing operations and deployed AFFF fire suppressants.Deicing of aircraft is important in

The Rise of the Stormwater Utility

A few weeks ago, I searched the term “stormwater” on Google News, and what did I see? Nearly a third of the results were articles about stormwater utilities. The focus of the articles varied from municipalities creating new stormwater utilities to rising stormwater utility rates.The concept of the stormwater utility has existed in the U.S. since

Why are Manifolds Needed on Plastic Chamber Systems?

Engineers widely use plastic chambers for retention and/or infiltration of stormwater.  These systems are comprised of rows of open bottom arch-shaped chambers in a stone backfill.  Stormwater is stored in the chamber volume as well as the void space in the surrounding stone.  Manifolds for chamber systems typically consist of 12" to 24" HDPE