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Flow Rate Considerations that May Surprise You

First thing’s first, let’s talk about some basic hydraulics. Most shorter length culverts are inlet controlled and just about all storm sewers are outlet controlled. So for storm sewers, the flow is limited by the outlet conditions of the pipe and the roughness inside the pipe matters. The primary method to determine the flow rate (Q) of a storm

What are cookies WITHOUT milk?!

There are so many things that have a basic togetherness, when you name one the other pops into your mind. For example, cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly (or banana, yum!), Tom and Jerry; you get the idea. In civil engineering, this is true too: slopes and erosion control, concrete and rebar, stormwater and storm sewer, storm sewer and

Selecting the Right Mulch for your Biofiltration Practice

As a biofiltration surface layer, mulch can support water retention, weed suppression, organic replenishment, pollutant treatment, aesthetics, media protection from scour, and moderate media temperature. Landscape mulches can include organic mulches like fresh wood chips or aged composted mulch, as well as inorganic mulches such as rock and rubber

Stormwater BMP Maintenance – The Disposal Question

Installing a Stormwater BMP is an important step towards protecting our waterways, but for them to perform as designed, they must be maintained regularly. Where do we dispose of the material removed from catch basins and stormwater treatment systems after maintenance?  I get that question regularly from both private and municipal maintenance