The Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB) - Full Trash Capture Solution

The Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB) - Full Trash Capture Solution

The Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB) is an advanced stormwater treatment system utilizing a non-clogging screen technology and separation to capture pollutants from stormwater. The non-clogging screening system stores trash and debris above the sedimentation chambers, minimizing nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, bad odors, and allows for easier maintenance.

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The Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB) - An Advanced Stormwater Treatment Solution

The DSBB combines gravity separation and non-blocking screen technology to capture trash, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater.

The DSBB captures and retains 100% of trash and debris equal to or greater than 5 mm in diameter and meets the California Regional Water Quality Control Board Full Capture Certification Requirements. Floating trash and debris are stored above the static water level where it can dry out between storms and can be easily removed during maintenance events.

With internal high-flow bypass, shallow vault design, and multiple sizes, it is the ideal product for sites with groundwater, utility, or bedrock constraints.

How the DSBB Separator  Works

  • As runoff enters the vault, the splitter screen directs flows to the filtration screens and provides additional screen flow capacity.
  • The filtration screens collect and store trash, debris, organics, and oxygen-demanding substances above standing water.
  • The turbulence deflectors located below the screens prevent the resuspension of captured pollutants.
  • Sediment is collected in the sediment chambers, maximizing TSS removal and eliminating scouring during extreme flow rates.
  • The skimmer and boom collect hydrocarbons and control flow velocity, which improves removal efficiency.

DSBB Separator Features and Benefits

Dual-stage treatment system - separation and screening Superior pollutant removal 
Trash and debris stored above water Easier maintenance while minimizing nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, and bad odors
Unimpeded high-flow path In-line installation, eliminating the need for a diversion structure
Oil skimmer and optional hydrocarbon

Superior hydrocarbon capture
Turbulence deflectors Minimizes scour, especially during high flows

Select DSBB Approvals

DSBB has been evaluated by some of the most stringent stormwater technology evaluation organizations in North America, including:

  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
  • New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) Verification
  • California Water Resources Control Board, Full Capture Certification

DSBB Maintenance

  • Maintenance can be conducted above ground with a standard vacuum truck through a manhole or hatch.
  • The screen system allows gross solids to be removed without vacuuming out water or sediment chambers. Screen systems are hinged for easy access to sediments collected in lower chambers.
  • Contech has a network of Certified Maintenance Providers to provide maintenance on the DSBB and other stormwater BMP’s.

Technical information for this product is located in the technical guide’s section. 

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Trash Removal

Many municipalities have enacted specific trash control strategies in response to TMDLs or municipal stormwater permit requirements. To address these issues, stormwater managers, municipal officials, and other stakeholders need solutions like Contech's Catch Basin Inlet Filters, Debris Separating Baffle Box, and CDS hydrodynamic separators that can remove trash and TSS, which are easy to maintain and can easily be implemented in a retrofit scenario.

Hydrodynamic Separation for Water Quality

Our hydrodynamic separation products (including the CDS, Cascade Separator, SciCloneX, Vortechs, and Stormceptor Systems) are reliable, easy to install, and offer high-performance, proven, stormwater pollutant removal. The systems are widely accepted for effective solids removal and can be designed to achieve your site treatment goals - including TMDL requirements for TSS and trash.

High Volume Applications

Designing, manufacturing and installing high-volume stormwater detention and treatment systems requires expert engineering, planning, and logistical support to manage costs and keep the project on schedule and under budget. When you need a proven, large scale stormwater management system, “Go Big” with Contech.

Pretreatment to Storage

Our hydrodynamic separators are frequently installed upstream of detention and infiltration systems as pretreatment devices.  By capturing the majority of sediment, hydrocarbons and trash and debris upstream of the storage system, maintenance becomes much easier as material is congregated into a smaller device with clear access for cleanout.  Additionally, by utilizing pretreatment upstream of infiltration systems, sediment that would have clogged the stone voids in the storage envelope surrounding the storage chamber can be captured before entering the storage system thus extending the longevity of the entire system.

Pretreatment for Rainwater Harvesting

Our hydrodynamic separation products are ideal solutions for preatreatment to rainwater harvesting.  Not only do they improve the overall water quality, they also provide protect the pumps and controls from being overburdened with material that could clog and damage the mechanical system. 

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