HEL-COR® Deck Drain

HEL-COR® Deck Drain

HEL-COR® Deck Drain is a perforated drain system used in the construction of railroad bridges and is a is a proven solution and has been for decades.

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HEL-COR® Deck Drain is a perforated drain system used in the construction of railroad bridges. This efficient system utilizes half-round perforated corrugated steel covers with a steel plate bottom to drain the ballast at the bottom of the railroad bridge. Steel is used to manufacture Deck Drain because of its superior strength and long-term durability compared to plastic drain products. Contech® Deck Drain is a proven solution and has been used in railroad bridge construction for decades.

Bridges are often designed from zero to very minimal gradients, and designers must also mitigate the water from ponding and running off the ends of the bridge. Railroad bridges are constructed with ballast instead of pavement, and Contech Deck Drain is used to collect and transport water off of the bridge.

HEL-COR® Deck Drain covers are manufactured with 8” half-round corrugated metal spans in 12-gage, 14-gage, or 16-gage galvanized steel that are 24” long after overlap. Standard pan lengths are 10’ long. Deck Drain can also be asphalt coated. The end corrugations are overlapped in the field for the connection. Adjustments for length can be made by overlapping additional corrugations to make up site specific custom run lengths.

HEL-COR® Deck Drain is ideal for:

  • Collecting and transporting water off of a railroad bridge
  • Addressing ponding issues on railroad ballast trough-style bridges
  • Addressing ponding issues for heavy cargo railroads or light passenger railways

Contech® Deck Drain Manufacturing Capabilities


Steel Corrugations

HEL-COR® 2 ²/3 x ½ ( Gages 12 or 14)


Asphalt Coated


10-foot standard


8-inch half round

Custom sizes available. Please contact your Contech representative.

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