Duct banks in record time. The precast electrical duct bank system that cuts the time and cost of underground infrastructure while enhancing worker safety.

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RED-E-DUCT® is the precast duct bank system that cuts the time and cost of underground infrastructure, while enhancing worker safety. Start the job faster. Get in and out of the ground quicker. Commence above-ground construction sooner. Design and construct duct banks in record time.

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RED-E-DUCT components are encased in Contech’s proprietary high compressive strength, fluidized thermal concrete, and is manufactured under controlled conditions at Contech’s certified fabrication facilities. The result is a new benchmark for performance to support critical underground infrastructure.


  • Superior thermal resistivity
  • Low concrete thermal resistivity for better thermal performance
  • Heavy load performance rated to accommodate HS20 and HL 93 truck load conditions
  • Patented joint system for both watertight and non-watertight applications without the need for epoxies, solvents, or glues
  • Integrated shear key permits proper join deflection to accommodate poor soil beds or future settlement


  • Built for speed
  • Less time in the trench
  • No forms required
  • Minimal concrete work
  • Immediate backfill
  • Fewer weather delays
  • Easily overcome challenging terrain

Engineered for efficiency, RED-E-DUCT is the solution to the complex underground duct banks demanded by oil, gas and chemical facilities, power generation, industrial facilities, airports, data centers, and road/highway projects. Some ideal applications of RED-E-DUCT precast electrical duct banks include:

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Whether building a new facility or replacing existing infrastructure, RED-E-DUCT’s immediate backfill capability means work completes faster and site congestion is reduced.

Data Centers

Low thermal resistivity concrete ensures duct banks in high heat applications can be trusted to perform. Rapid installation and backfill permits above ground work to start earlier.

Power Generation Facilities

Standard precast duct bank sections and stub-ups reduce labor requirements, improve safety and provide maximum construction flexibility. Complete below grade work faster with RED-E-DUCT.

Transmission & Distribution

RED-E-DUCT’s low thermal resistivity adds peace of mind by reducing the risk of premature cable failure due to inadequate backfills, poor installation practices and high thermal temperatures.

Industrial Facilities

RED-E-DUCT shines in congested areas where schedule savings can yield big results on a project. Immediate backfill means faster access to above ground work to keep projects moving forward.

Rail & Airports

RED-E-DUCT’s extreme strength and performance allows for much shallower bury depths when compared with cast-in-place, resulting in lower costs and fast rate of construction.

Roads & Highways

Rapid installation and immediate backfill make RED-E-DUCT ideal for projects where restoring traffic access is imperative. All RED-E-DUCT products are rated for HS20 and HL93 loading.

Government, Military, & Municipal

Shorter installation times and lower total costs make RED-E-DUCT the right choice for large-scale government and municipal projects.


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