Underground Detention and Infiltration Systems

Underground Detention and Infiltration Systems

Our underground detention systems offer you flexibility and customization for either detention or infiltration applications – metal, concrete, and plastic systems are available.

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Stormwater Detention and Infiltration Solutions from Contech 

One of the essential functions of a stormwater management system is to control the quantity of runoff leaving a site. There are various ways to do this. Common methods are detention ponds and other land-based solutions.

The problem with detention ponds is they take up valuable land space. This is not a major issue in rural areas, but in urban environments where land space is limited and expensive, the use of ponds is simply not an option. Where there are competing demands for land,
underground stormwater storage can provide many of the benefits of landscape-based systems but without requiring dedicated land area, thus maximizing the land value for the owner. In addition, subsurface infiltration in urban environments meets the objectives of low-impact development by reducing runoff and recharging groundwater.

Contech helps engineers and owners maximize land value by providing solutions for storing stormwater underground. Our underground systems offer you flexibility and customization to accommodate a variety of site conditions and storage volume requirements.