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Bush Intercontinental Airport

Houston, Texas



Houston Airport


P.B.S. & J.


W.W. Weber


December 15, 2002 March 15, 2003

Officials at Houston Airport System’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas determined that a runway expansion was required to maintain and enhance the airport’s ability to support connecting hub operations. Two CON/SPAN® structures were chosen as the best solution to help reduce airfield congestion and aircraft delay and also accommodate forecasted growth in passenger and cargo activity.

The use of CON/SPAN structures provided significant construction savings over initially proposed conventional structures. Each bridge consisted of four precast arch spans that created four tunnels at each crossing. The two larger, center tunnels carry traffic on the access roads while the two smaller, outer tunnels carry only service vehicles. Precast headwalls and full-height precast MurEbal® walls were used to minimize construction time.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft (2),24 ft (2)
  • Rise: 10 ft, 11 ft
  • Length: 200 ft, 247 ft

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