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Alvin Avenue at Beauty Canal

Shediac, New Brunswick, , Canada

Reline / Rehabilitation


New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure


Hilcon Limited.


Dexter Construction Co. Ltd.


October 2013

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE Liner Pipe
  • Diameter: 72-in.
  • Length: 192'

Home to the largest artificial lobster in the world, Shediac is a Canadian town in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. It is known as the “Lobster Capital of the World”. The various local attractions, including lobster fishing and the famous Lobster Festival hosted annually in July, make this a touristic hotspot.

Just five miles away from this massive crustacean along Route 11 and Shediac Bay, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation & Infrastructure determined that a reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) had deteriorated at the invert and would need to be either replaced or repaired. Due to the heavy traffic flow of tourists and local residents along that particular route, they decided that repair would be the best option. Given the condition of the RCP culvert, they spoke with project engineer, Hilcon Ltd, and decided that sliplining the existing pipe would allow allow the structural repairs to take place while avoiding any prolonged road closure that would be required if the alternative open trench method were employed.

Both pricing and quality were considered in the decision-making process. The Department selected DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) liner pipe supplied by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC to slipline into the host pipe. In this way, they could maintain the invert levels as close to the existing as possible while the smaller outer diameter of the DuroMaxx liner pipe would ensure that the hydraulic capacity remain at an optimal level.

The 72” diameter DuroMaxx liner pipe was sliplined along the complete 192’ length of the existing pipe and then grout was placed between the liner and host pipes. The installation process involved a push-pull method and was completed within two days. Once installed the liner pipe was then grouted and the project completed.

The New Brunswick Department was satisfied with the result and pleased that the DuroMaxx profile was able to structurally reline the existing pipe while maintaining the hydraulic flow required.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE Liner Pipe
  • Diameter: 72-in.
  • Length: 192'

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