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Technical Description:

  • Vortechs® System Model 7000

Scarborough, a growing suburban community located along the coast of southern Maine, is known for its unique combination of sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. The town is also home to the largest tidal marsh in the state. Scarborough Marsh spans nearly 3000-acres and is known for its tremendous biological productivity. In fact, it supports seven state or federally listed threatened or endangered species and sustains over 200 species of birds. Canoeing, fishing and kayaking are common activities at the marsh, and protecting this vital resource is critical to the residents.

The Challenge
The well-traveled U.S. Route 1 corridor runs through the Scarborough Marsh, and has seen considerable commercial growth in recent years. As a member of this growing community, Allied Home Mortgage wanted to combine its two local offices under one roof. They chose a site at the corner of Route 1 and Willowdale Road, a short distance from a stream that feeds directly into the Scarborough Marsh.

Owned and managed by brothers Mark and David Maroon, Allied Home Mortgage provides residential mortgages to prospective homeowners. During the past ten years, Allied has grown from a handful of employees to over 30. “We have rented office space for many years” stated Mark. “We felt it was time to combine our staff and own the building in which we worked”

Mark, who served on the Scarborough zoning board and town council for ten years, knew stormwater runoff would be a major concern for the town, especially because the discharge would be located so close to the marsh.

A five-foot change in elevation existed on the site that typically would be resolved by installing a detention pond at the point where water collects on the site. However, the three-story, 21,000 square foot building and associated parking lot would dominate the 1.6-acre site. Constructing a detention pond would severely impact land use, the size of the building and jeopardize the project.

The Solution
Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers Inc., who planned the landscaping and infrastructure for the site, worked with Port City Architects when considering stormwater treatment best management practices (BMPs) for the site. Ultimately the Vortechs system was selected. “We chose the system because the unit could be customized to the characteristics of the site and be easily installed” commented Tim Braun of Port City Architects. “Contech is located in Scarborough, and we wanted to work with a local company”

The Vortechs model 7000 arrived on-site fully assembled, and installation took about an hour. According to Bob Parson, Project Superintendent for Pizzagalli Construction, “These systems are always the easiest to install, and Contech provides excellent customer service”

The Vortechs system utilizes a patented combination of vortex motion and flow controls to remove sediment, oil and debris from stormwater runoff and to provide positive removal efficiencies through the full range of operation.

The Result

All stormwater runoff from the site will now be treated in this single unit, and then redirected to offsite storm drains. “Without the Vortechs system, I couldn’t have built a three-story structure” stated Mark Maroon. This stormwater unit made construction possible for this small site”

Technical Description:

  • Vortechs® System Model 7000

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