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Charlotte KCP&L Substation

Kansas City, Missouri

Stormwater Detention




Black & Veatch & RTE Technologies


Musselman & Hall Contractors


Summer 2017

Technical Description:

296' of 96" and 30" DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe

The Kansas City Power and Light Company (KCP&L) designed and built an electrical substation in downtown Kansas City, MO, in 2017. With limited land space, engineers needed an underground stormwater storage system to manage stormwater from the site. 

Local regulations required the stormwater to be stored and slowly released off-site. The site was compressed due to the concrete foundation and the electrical components. In addition, a large concrete foundation wall supported the fill. The location that made the most sense for the detention system was in front of the foundation wall. However, the engineer did not want additional hydrostatic forces on the wall, so the engineer required a watertight underground detention system. 

Few manufacturers could provide the watertight system the engineer required. Contech provided a system made from 233 LF of 96" diameter DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced Polyethylene pipe and 63 LF of 30" diameter DuroMaxx with welded coupler joints. DuroMaxx provides the lightweight durability of traditional HDPE with the added structural strength of steel. The combination of materials results in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe with several joint configurations, including watertight, welded coupler joints. 

Contech Stormwater Design engineers provided storage calculations, and project-specific drawings which helped the engineer get the plan approved. The system's manufacturing and delivery was completed as planned, and installation was performed by Musselman & Hall Contractors. 

Technical Description:

296' of 96" and 30" DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe


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