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Brainard Lake

Boulder County, Colorado

Bridge Replacement


United States Forest Service


United States Forest Service


Northwind Engineering


August 2010

Brainard Lake, located in Roosevelt National Forest, is a popular area for hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. A historical buried inlet structure at the lake began to deteriorate and fail, causing the United States Forest Service to replace the structure.

“The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest had a need for the replacement of a double barrel culvert structure, originally installed by the Civilan Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, that had failed during the summer of 2009” stated Chris N. Ida, Forest Engineer with the United States Forest Service. “The project requirements not only encompassed the replacement of the structure for vehicle loads but, in addition, the need for a fish passage. Historical value was also considered as the original structure had a fieldstone finish and we wanted to maintain the original aesthetics”

A 24’ x 6’ x 32’ CON/SPAN® Bridge System was chosen to replace the structure because it met all the needs of the United States Forest Service. Its clear span prevented debris from collecting under the bridge and allowed for fish passage. In addition, the structure boasts a never before tried “step look” on the wingwalls. The stepped look was requested so that fieldstone could be utilized on the facade of the structure and mimic the look of the original structure.

“Contech precast bridge units were chosen due to the adaptability for historical values and the ease and speed of installation” said Ida. “In fact, the bridge was set in just 1.5 days. The finished product met all of the resource needs and was completed on time and on budget”

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24 ft
  • Rise: 6 ft
  • Length: 32 ft

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