ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Infiltration Chamber System

ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Infiltration Chamber System

The ChamberMaxx open-bottom plastic stormwater infiltration chamber system allows you to meet runoff reduction requirements and maximize available land space.

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Maximize Stormwater Infiltration in Shallow Footprints

The ChamberMaxx corrugated, open-bottom plastic infiltration chamber system allows you to meet stormwater runoff reduction requirements and maximize available land space by providing economic infiltration below grade. By utilizing subsurface infiltration, space is preserved for development or green space, runoff is reduced or eliminated, and groundwater recharge can occur.

ChamberMaxx maximizes storage volume in a small footprint. Its low profile shape is ideal for sights with shallow footprints. Each chamber provides 47 ft3 (1.3 m3) of storage.

The integrated end caps eliminate the expense associated with loose end caps, which are common on many chamber systems, and add to chamber strength.

ChamberMaxx is manufactured per ASTM F 2418 and is structurally designed to exceed HS-20/HS-25 live loads in accordance with AASHTO LRFD design specifications for stormwater chambers.

ChamberMaxx Features and Benefits

Each chamber provides 47 ft3 (1.3 m3) of storage            Maximized storage space           
Low profile Allows for infiltration on sites with shallow footprint
Integrated end caps Cost savings; added chamber strength
Manufactured per ASTM 2418 Strength and durability
Lightweight Installed by hand without the need of heavy equipment

Pretreatment Systems

ChamberMaxx Installation

ChamberMaxx is lightweight and is installed by hand without the need of heavy equipment. ChamberMaxx is available locally, resulting in short lead times; and installation support is provided by Contech.


Contech CMP Detention Systems can be easily modeled with the Hydrocad stormwater modeling system, allowing simplified analysis of the devices' behavior in a drainage and stormwater management system.  The Hydrocad chamber library includes detailed storage data for each Contech product allowing automatic determination of their unique stage-storage characteristics.. Click here for details.

HydroCad Stormwater Modeling

Hydrocad® is a registered trademark of Hydrocad Software Solutions LLC.

Technical information for this product is located in the technical guides section. 

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Bioretention and Subsurface Infiltration with ChamberMaxx

Given its aesthetic appeal, bioretention is often the first choice for Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) design. ChamberMaxx can help make bioretention practical for sites with limited footprints. The open-bottom plastic chamber allows infiltration into surrounding soil, effectively achieving runoff reduction objectives. ChamberMaxx is ideal when you need to maximize storage capacity in shallow footprint bioretention cells.

ChamberMaxx for Subsurface Infiltration

An open bottom plastic chamber the ChamberMaxx allows infiltration into surrounding soils, effectively achieving runoff reduction objectives often required by in an LID (low impact development) design. Maximize available land for development by installing a belowground system while still significantly reducing the volume of stormwater runoff.

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