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Stormwater Maintenance Services

Inspection and maintenance are key factors for making sure that your Contech stormwater BMP is performing as designed and achieving the required water quality standards. Contech can help ensure your stormwater BMP is functioning as intended by providing inspection, cartridge replacement and maintenance services.


Whether you need StormFilter or MFS cartridges, Contech’s dedicated maintenance department is here to get you the right filters, at the lowest possible cost. Our staff will coordinate the delivery and pick up of cartridges, to make the job as efficient as possible.

Why use factory refurbished cartridges?

  • Factory refurbished to original specifications to restore system performance
  • OEM filters provide the longest maintenance intervals possible
  • Old cartridge components are inspected and recycled as applicable
  • Typical problems with aftermarket or “field refurbished” cartridges include

- Premature clogging (Increased maintenance frequency)
- Inadequate filtration of storm water (Media loss, empty space in filters, etc)
- Broken or worn parts are not replaced (Gaskets, valves and float)



Defective, Non-OEM Cartridge Example – Media has escaped from the cartridge, leaving void space that does not treat stormwater. The media that remained was compacted tightly and would not allow water to pass through.



Cartridge Exchange Process

Step 1 - Refurbished cartridges are shipped to the site

  • Cartridges are shipped ready to install
  • Contech provides up to 30 days to complete the maintenance and send the old cartridges back

Step 2 - Old cartridges are picked up

  • We will arrange for empty cartridges to be picked up and shipped back to the factory

For more information on the cartridge exchange program contact:

Nicole Miller
ISR – Maintenance

Dave Jerke
ISR – Maintenance

Most BMP’s require inspections annually or after major storm events. Contech offers inspection services in the Northwest U.S. Inspection of your system by a Contech certified professional evaluates how your system is performing and determines whether maintenance is needed. Should maintenance be required, we can put you in contact with one or more of our partner service providers in your area to provide the needed service on your Contech system or any other systems you may have on site.

For more information on inspection services contact:

For additional assistance contact:

Tony Williams
ISR – Maintenance

Dave Jerke
ISR – Maintenance