Stormwater Maintenance Services

Stormwater Maintenance Services

Contech's maintenance support department can help ensure your stormwater BMP is functioning as intended. Inspection and maintenance services are available through our network of Contech Certified Maintenance Providers. Search for a CCMP below or contact our maintenance support department today for more information.

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No matter what Contech BMP you have, new or old, our dedicated maintenance team can assist you.

Please refer to the "Resource Tools" bar to the right for information on your system's inspection and maintenance procedures.

For questions on inspections, maintenance, activations, and replacement filters and media, don't hesitate to contact the maintenance team member for your area using the map below.



Dean Hill
[email protected]


Duane Vincent
[email protected]



Tony Williams
[email protected]
(503) 258-3167

Contech’s dedicated maintenance department is here to provide quick, comprehensive, and friendly support to site managers, municipalities, and stormwater maintenance professionals. 

StormFilter cartridges are available through our cartridge exchange program.  For information on replacement filters for any Contech stormwater BMP, please contact our maintenance support department.

Why use factory refurbished cartridges?

  • Factory refurbished to original specifications to restore system performance.
  • OEM filters provide the longest maintenance intervals possible.
  • OEM filters are the only filters tested and approved by most regulatory agencies.

- Using filters or media from other sources may be a violation of environmental regulations.

  • Field refurbishing of cartridges is not recommended and can result in:

- Premature clogging (increased maintenance frequency)
- Inadequate filtration of stormwater (media loss, empty space in filters, etc.)
- Broken or worn cartridge components are not replaced causing malfunction

Cartridge Exchange Process

Step 1 - Request a quote for filters from Contech’s Maintenance Support Department

Step 2 - Refurbished cartridges are shipped to you, ready to install

  • You have up to 30 days to complete the maintenance and send the old, empty cartridges back

Step 3 - Return Empty Cartridge Cores

  • Empty and rinse the old cartridges
  • Contech’s Maintenance Support Department will arrange for empty cartridges to be picked up and shipped back to the factory

Defective, Non-OEM Cartridge Example – Cartridge was filled on-site with media that does not meet specifications. Media has escaped from the cartridge, leaving void space that does not treat stormwater. The media that remained was compacted tightly and would not allow water to pass through it.