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Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions

As our infrastructure ages, the roadway, water management and sewer control systems are deteriorating and losing integrity. Also, changing service conditions affect once competent structures so that they may no longer meet load or traffic requirements. Maintaining these critical structures is a major challenge. Today, perhaps more than ever, keeping our infrastructure safe and workable with limited financial resources requires innovative solutions. Replacement can be costly and time consuming. Contech makes it easy. We make it our business to know the ideal solution for you - inside and out. Reline Done Right™

Precast Bridges for Bridge Replacement

For bridge replacement or Design Build projects, our Precast bridge systems can substantially reduce design and construction time, improve safety and ensure quality components for long-term performance.

Plate Bridges for Bridge Replacement

Plate structures allow highway agencies and municipalities to dramatically reduce construction time and traffic disruptions when replacing our nation’s aging infrastructure. Plate bridges are ideally suited for emergency bridge replacements.

Truss Structures for Bridge Replacement

Pre-engineered Truss structures provide fast-track solutions for bridge replacement projects with quick installation – saving both time and money. These prefabricated truss structures are often installed in just one to three days.

Salvage failing structures and eliminate the time, cost and safety problems of complete replacement with our systems. Contech's portfolio includes a full array of rehab/reline products for culverts, sanitary and storm sewers.
Even if it's an emergency, our bridges have proven records of success for bridge replacements.

Design Considerations for Rehabilitation versus Replacement

Rehabilitating or relining a drainage or sanitary pipeline or structure requires a site-specific analysis. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every reline project needs to be examined closely by qualified professionals.

From an engineering perspective, the design approach must take into account the usual design parameters and must carefully evaluate the current condition of the pipe or structure and the supporting fill that surrounds it. The primary areas where an engineer should be concerned are:

  • Geometric shape and condition of existing pipeline or structure (and access structure)
  • Hydraulic requirements and limitations
  • Optimum shape, size and materials
  • Constructability
  • Design service life
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Specification goals

Variety of Products for More Efficient Rehabilitation

12” – 36” A2 Liner Pipe PVC corrugated pipe with smooth interior wall
18” – 102” ULTRA FLO® Spiral rib aluminum, aluminized and polymer coated steel pipe
12” – 144” Corrugated Metal Pipe Corrugated aluminized and polymer coated steel and aluminum alloy helical pipe
30” – 120” DuroMaxx® Steel reinforced polyethylene pipe
12” – 36” A2 Liner Pipe PVC corrugated pipe with smooth interior wall
30” – 120” DuroMaxx® Steel reinforced polyethylene pipe
30” – 120” + SPR PE Spiral-wound steel reinforced PE pipe
4’ – 20’+ Tunnel Liner Plate Steel and aluminum 2- flanged liner plate
5’ – 23’+ ALSP
Aluminum structural plate
Galvanized steel structural plate
8’-9” – 35’-5” ALBC Aluminum box culvert
19’-5” – 65’ SUPER SPAN
Galvanized steel structural plate long spans
Aluminum structural plate long spans
Deep corrugation galvanized steel structural plate
12’ – 102’ CON/SPAN® and BEBO® Precast concrete arches
Relining with Steel Reinforced Polyethylene

Designed with a smooth inner wall for outstanding hydraulic capacity, DuroMaxx® pipe provides the properties necessary for long-term service and performance in the most demanding environments.

CMP and PVC Pipe for Pipe Reline

Lining inadequate or failing structures with corrugated metal material or plastic pipe uses little of the available area, thereby preserving the maximum amount of the original opening. Due to the hydraulic efficiency of Contech products, often a smaller structure provides the same hydraulic capacity as the original because of the low Manning “n” factors of A-2000 and A2 Liner PVC pipes and HEL-COR and ULTRA FLO CMP pipes. Existing pipes and arches are generally lined with structures of the same shape, though slightly smaller in size. Rectangular openings can be lined with round, elliptical or pipe arch structures. Corrugated metal structures can fit almost any existing shape.

CMP and PVC Pipe for Rehabilitating Storm, Sanitary Sewers and Small Culverts

Reline drainage structures with hydraulically efficient corrugated steel, aluminum or PVC pipe. ULTRA FLO and HEL-COR are CMP Pipes available in standard diameters through 120” and 144" respectively. Special diameters are also available in both products. The PVC pipe systems, A-2000 and A2 Liner Pipe—used for both drainage structures and sanitary sewers—are available through 36” diameter.

Trenchless Pipe Lining and Sewer Repair

When dealing with a closed system storm sewer, sanitary sewer or culvert with limited access, SPR™ PE pipe rehabilitation provides a solution for restoring hydraulic efficiency, reliability and integrity to these aging systems using a spiral, machine wound and trenchless pipe renewal process.

Structural Plate for Rehabilitating Bridges and Large Culverts

Bridges and large culverts can be relined by erecting our plate structures inside existing structures. Or, the new plate structure can be erected outside and threaded into existing openings. Our Plate Structures, including Two-Flange Liner Plate, are delivered to the job site unassembled. The plates and ribs are easily bolted together to form various shapes: round, vertical and horizontal ellipse, pipe-arch, underpass and arch.

Precast Structures for Bridge Rehabilitation

CON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO bridge structures can cost-effectively and quickly be installed to support concrete bridges that exhibit deterioration in the concrete superstructure and upper portions of the abutments – utilizing the existing foundation. In most cases, in a single day, the bridge arches can be positioned leaving the existing beam bridge and abutments in place.

Bridge Plank for Deck Rehabilitation

The easy and economical solution is to replace noisy, worn-out wood floors or deteriorated concrete decks with Contech Bridge Plank. Corrugated steel Contech Bridge Plank has a proven track record from coast to coast on many types of bridges, including skewed structures.