Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Solutions

Municipal and Industrial wastewater management, storage and treatment presents owners and project designers with many unique challenges. From the laterals connecting residential, commercial and industrial facilities to the collection system to final treatment and discharge, wastewater’s corrosive properties and the environmental costs of leakage require piping systems that provide long service life and watertight joints. Contech’s family of wastewater products provide industry leading performance and 100 year+ service life at cost points that allow our customers to do more with ever shrinking budgets.

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A-2000 for Sanitary Sewers

Comparable to PVC SDR-35, A-2000 sanitary sewer pipe offers superior strength and performance at a tremendous value.

Solid Wall Plastic Pipe for Sanitary Sewers

Contech Solid Wall Plastic Pipes provide ease of construction, hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints. This makes them ideal for building durable drainage and sewer systems.

DuroMaxx® SRPE for Combined Sewer Overflow

DuroMaxx can provide storage for combined sewer overflow (CSO) via underground storage tanks. DuroMaxx tanks are durable and water tight, providing a cost-effective way to handle this critical problem. With diameters of up to 120" and flexible design configurations combined with its watertight joints, DuroMaxx is an ideal solution for CSO storage.

TRUSS PIPE® for Sanitary Sewers

When you’re looking for pipe strength on a demanding sewer project, TRUSS PIPE is the solution. Compared in strength to pipes like Ductile Iron and C-900, TRUSS PIPE offers strength, durability, and reliability at a fraction of the cost.

DuroMaxx® SRPE for Sanitary Sewers

DuroMaxx sanitary sewer pipe provides real answers that help make your job easier. Outstanding performance and value are clearly evident when compared to alternative material options. DuroMaxx provides predictable, high-strength for deep covers, shape and deflection control. DuroMaxx is available in diameters from 30 to 120-inches with a variety of joint options, including:

  • QuikJoint® with UHP (ultra high performance) 10.8 psi technology with steel reinforced bell & spigot that meets ASTM F2562 and AASHTO M335 and MP-40 standards, capable of in-ground psi testing.
  • Welded Coupler (WC) joints capable of 30 psi provide the water tightness required. It is resistant to corrosive effluent, and smooth inner walls allow for minimum slope designs and longer runs.