A-2000™ PVC is Hydraulically Superior to RCP, and You Can Get It Today!

A-2000™ PVC has been on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Optional Material for 100-year design life since 2003 and has been used for years in Florida and across the country as a direct equivalent to reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) in most storm sewer applications.    A-2000™ PVC has become a preferred product over RCP for its longer lengths, hydraulic capacity, lighter weight and superior joint.    It is used in a wide variety of markets including DOT, County/Municipal, Ports, Airports, and Residential.  A-2000™ PVC is currently manufactured in Montgomery, Alabama and Springfield, Illinois and stocked across the United States.  

Over the last year, as material costs have increased and availability has been become problematic for RCP and other drainage products, A-2000™ PVC usage has increased as cities, counties, owners, developers, and contractors look for ways to keep their projects moving and completed on time.   Now, more than ever, people are looking at alternative materials with superior performance to increase efficiencies and improve project costs. 

Completed just last year, the Rubonia Subdivision project in Palmetto, FL is a perfect example.  The owner, Manatee County, was looking to make some upgrades to their existing infrastructure in one of the oldest communities in Florida. Manatee County chose A-2000™ PVC because of its many product attributes, such as superior joint and quality, but also because of its availability and ease of installation.    The project was a success with over 7,000 linear feet of pipe installed.  There are projects just like this going on today across the United States

A-2000™ PVC for Storm Drain comes in sizes ranging from 12” to 36” in diameter.    A-2000™ PVC is readily available across the country and can be shipped to any jobsite today.   While lead times continue to grow and availability declines for many Storm Drainage products, Contech stands ready to deliver a high quality, hydraulically sound,  proven performer and DOT accepted product today.