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Every sewer has them… every few hundred feet… you can’t avoid it if you are in the sewer industry... Got a guess?... That’s it… MANHOLES. Ahh yes, the beautiful window to our lovely sewer underworld.One of the most common questions asked by those first getting involved in the sanitary or storm sewer industry is, “How do you connect a profile walled

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Q. 1 – I see reline projects using CMP inside of CMP – isn't that repeating a material selection mistake?Not if the new CMP material is selected correctly.  To explain, let me cover two things.  First, the causes of corrosion failures in CMP, and second, the right way to select a CMP product that will work for your reline project.Two principle

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Installation contractors frequently ask if it will be permissible to use “pea gravel” for the select fill envelope for flexible pipe products. One must consider the practical and structural issues relating to the use of pea gravel as flexible pipe backfill before answering this question.The primary purpose of a pipe’s select backfill envelope is

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