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When there is a need for a pipe, and it is in a salt water application, there is really only one perfect solution…….CORLIX!!!

Contech’s CORLIX® pipe, also known in the industry as Corrugated Aluminum Pipe (CAP), has an endless number of characteristics that makes it the best choice when dealing with salt water or brackish conditions.  First and foremost, the durability is unmatched in these types of environments.  A wide-range of diameters, custom long lengths, relatively light handling weights, pipe-arch shapes, fabrication flexibility, and their compatibility with aluminum headwalls are among the many other reasons to choose this corrugated aluminum pipe solution.

Standard gages are 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, & 8, which have corresponding thicknesses ranging from 0.048” to 0.164”.  Available diameters range from 6” to 120”.  Even on the smallest of diameters using the lightest gages, you can still count on a minimum of 75 years of service life, and this is in the harshest of conditions.  As you go up in pipe size, gage is increased to meet the structural requirements.  Durability of the aluminum pipe is directly related to the thickness of the material, hence providing an enhanced service life for the larger diameters that is comfortably projected out way, way beyond 100 years.

One of the best features of CORLIX is that it can be provided in any specific length needed, typically up to 50’ (plant capabilities vary).  This allows for a pipe run to have zero cutting or waste, while giving the design engineer the ability to not have a joint underneath the roadway.  Most importantly, length flexibility generates substantial time savings during installation.  Aluminum weighs about 1/35 of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and, as such, long pieces are easily handled in the field.

Where there is salt water, there are often low cover situations.  However, a volume of water must still be conveyed.  A full range of pipe-arch sizes that reduce the rise of the round pipe by approximately 20%, while maintaining the cross-sectional area, are available for every corresponding diameter up to 96”.  Arching a piece of CORLIX is a minimal cost, typically about 10-15%, as opposed to the enormous cost difference between round and elliptical RCP, for example.
Lastly, when fabrication is needed, with CORLIX, it is a piece of cake.  Elbows, tees, wyes, risers, bevel cuts, skews, etc., are all easily doable and economical.  If you can draw it, Contech can build it.  CAP is also compatible with our aluminum headwall packages, which provides an awesome end treatment.

Example of CORLIX with aluminum headwall end treatment.
There is good reason why many states choose CAP as their preferred pipe material for use in salt water applications.   My home state, North Carolina, uses this product almost exclusively everywhere East of I-95, and have for many years, and the results are superb!!!!

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