Airfield Improvements

Airfield Improvements

Contech can facilitate the design, development and the construction of cost-effective airport and airfield applications, including: taxiways and runway extensions; stream crossings; prefabricated bridges; drainage and pipe options; stormwater treatment solutions; erosion control and retaining walls.

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Airport Solutions by Contech

The combination of aging infrastructure and increased passenger and air cargo is driving the need for airfield expansion and upgrades.

These projects have unique needs such as FAA approvals, long design cycles, high loading, local environmental regulations, and security and safety restrictions.

Contech has a decades-long history of successful airfield projects, including airfield drainage improvements, glycol/AFFF containment, stormwater detention and treatment, and bridge and culvert systems. If you are searching for a partner with the knowledge, experience, and products to meet the distinct project needs of airfield design, we’ve got you covered.


Our FAA-approved products, knowledge of local environmental regulations, and robust engineering support provide convenience and increase design efficiency. We work as a collaborative partner, providing education on solution development and product training for inspectors and other airport personnel. Our logistical and installation support will help you meet airport security requirements and ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget.

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