The Benefits of Piping Open Canals

We recently held a Pipe webinar on Irrigation Canals entitled, "Irrigation Solutions | Sustainable Management of Our National Resources," and we wanted to include just a few key points here on the Pipe Blog that may be of particular interest to those of you who missed it. Irrigation districts are increasingly deciding to pipe existing open channels to save water, reduce maintenance, and improve public safety. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished, from reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and large-diameter fiberglass pipe to steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE). In particular, one of the most viable solutions is DuroMaxx® SRPE. DuroMaxx® is 100% Made in America product and meets the requirements of Buy America, AIS, and other standards. It is an excellent solution for canal enclosures. It can operate under various pressures and is capable of connecting to dissimilar materials.

DuroMaxx® SRPE can accommodate horizontal and vertical deflections, turnouts, and custom fabrications. As an example, the North Lateral Project in Cavendish Farms located in Lethbridge, Alberta is an excellent example of a successful canal enclosure. The project involved enclosing 6,200 linear feet of open ditch with 120-inch diameter SRPE pipe, capable of handling 283 cubic feet of water per second with 15 psi of pressure and highway loads. Both large-diameter DuroMaxx® and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) were considered viable options for the project. However, given overall installed costs and a tight deadline to install, the contractor chose SRPE. It was easier to install and faster to produce when compared to RCP.

You can maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure investment through canal enclosures. 33% water savings, insurance & maintenance cost savings are possible. DuroMaxx® SRPE lowers the roughness coefficient and can increase flow through an enclosed canal. 

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