Tapping a Corrugated PVC Pipe… It's Easy.

Over the two decades I’ve been involved with Contech A-2000™ PVC Pipe, there are a handful of concerns I am asked about once-a-year, it seems.  One of them is in regard to field tapping the profile wall, or corrugated, A-2000 sewer pipe.  Some engineers are worried that the tap can’t be water tight..

A few thoughts to consider… 

  • A-2000 has been successfully used for 30+ years in the sanitary and storm water industry. 
  • I don’t believe I have ever had a concern from an engineer or end-user in regard to a storm sewer tap… only sanitary taps.
  • For sanitary applications, A-2000’s niche has been for interceptors/trunk lines in 18-inch to 36-inch large diameter range.
  • Most of these large diameter applications (not collection diameters) are straight runs of pipe with manholes every 300 to 400 feet.  These projects tend to be long runs… several thousand feet or even several miles of pipe. 
  • Most projects have connections at manholes.  There are some designs that have a need for in-line fittings.  Contech’s A-2000, and other like ASTM F949 pipe products, come with a full offering of in-line fittings just like SDR products. 
  • It is rare that a field tap is needed.  Please consider that in the overall cost analysis of an interceptor/trunk line project with miles of pipe, there may be just a handful of field taps required over the design life of the system.
  • When tapping… A2000 profile uses the same tapping technologies as SDR35 PVC pipe.
  • For the past 30+ years, Contech has helped contractors and maintenance departments accomplish watertight tap connections with A-2000.
  • The engineered nature of A-2000 allows for an overall installed cost savings that benefits all stakeholders involved.  In the rare occasion that a field post-installation tap is needed, the process is exactly the same as a typical SDR PVC saddle or other method… with just a few simple modifications.  I will illustrate with photos and instructions:

Use the paper template or inside of the fitting to mark the hole prior to cutting. Once the hole is cut, inject PVC adhesive (e.g. SikaFlex) into the corrugation valleys. Place adhesive in a large enough coverage area equal to the Saddle fitting.

A gasket material can be supplied upon request and can go on top of the adhesive.  The saddle can be placed into position and stainless steel straps are installed to secure the saddle.


For larger diameter lines and large branch connections.  A saddle with prefabricated screw holes can be used, like the one in the following pictures.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to your local sales engineer for additional assistance. We would love to get involved in your next project!