“Roll” with It: Piping on the Go

Ever had a project with an inconvenient site, whether it was crowded or remote? Or maybe even a project where lots of pipe was needed-and fast? Contech offers an exciting solution to issues like these in which pipe can be rolled on site-that’s right!

The MOBILE PIPE® Mill is a modular mill that can be transported from place to place via truck, train, or ship to roll CMP on the job site. This product is a fast and cost-effective solution for projects with the following characteristics:

  • Remote location, or a location without a proximate Contech plant
  • Need for the continuous production of pipe (detention, caissons, foundation forms, etc.),
  • Immediate support for natural disasters and other cases in which a quick rebuild is necessary
  • Limited storage space or restricted traffic corridors

This mobile machinery is self-supporting, can be assembled quickly, and produces pipe with quality matching that of our own Contech manufacturing plants. It has a high-coil feed rate while simultaneously fabricating lock-seam edges to join rolled sections. The table below presents all of this mill’s fabrication capabilities.


Steel Corrugations HEL-COR® 2 ²/3 x ½ ( Gages 10, 12, 14 & 16)
HEL-COR® 3 x 1 (12 GA, 14 GA & 16 GA)
HEL-COR® 5 x 1 (12 GA, 14 GA & 16 GA)
ULTRA FLO® Spiral Rib Pipe
Smooth Cor™ (3 x 1 outer shell only)
Coatings Galvanized
Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2)
Black Steel (5 x 1 only)
Length 35-foot max
Diameter 36-inch min, 192-inch max*
End Roll 2 2/3 x 1/2 Annual Corrugation End Roll (available for all pipe corrugations)
MOBILE PIPE® Foundation Pad Available upon request.

*Flexibility factor considerations and limitations do apply

This on the go piping also has a multitude of environmental benefits. As well as eliminating the need for designated pipe storage space, it’s also proven to reduce carbon footprint by eliminating freight. Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) in itself also produces the opportunity for LEED® credit due to its high percentage of recycled content. Another perk of this option is the likelihood to yield high cost savings on projects where transporting pre-rolled pipe is exorbitant. With extensive options and assets like these, the MOBILE PIPE® Mill is sure to fulfill your piping needs!