Innovative Solution for High Integrity Containment

The disruptions caused by material shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted specifiers and construction contractors to explore alternative materials for various applications. Materials like fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) pipe, cast in place concrete, and precast tanks, typically used for containment, are facing extended lead times. Amidst this challenge, DuroMaxx® SRPE emerges as an important solution for containment needs, offering cost-effectiveness and mitigating schedule impacts caused by supply shortages in the market for FRP, CIP, and precast concrete containment tanks.

DuroMaxx's design features an inert HDPE waterway wall and high integrity joints, making it suitable for containing a wide range of fluids across various applications. Each single barrel DuroMaxx tank, up to 48 feet long, undergoes rigorous air testing before leaving the factory. The welded coupler and QuikJoint® Ultra High-Performance bell and spigot joint, equipped with integrated air testing capabilities, ensure the required containment performance. This design not only meets performance standards but also contributes to environmental protection by preventing contained fluids from escaping the tank.

The federal infrastructure spending has funded glycol tanks used to contain spent de-icing fluid at many airports across the country.  DuroMaxx glycol tanks with capacities from 10,000 gal to 2,000,000 gal have been economically designed and installed at dozens of airports across the country.  An additional benefit realized by airport engineers across the country is the ease of future expansion of DuroMaxx glycol containment systems to handle expected air traffic increases.

Beyond airports, DuroMaxx finds applications in various sectors including municipalities, DOTs, private developers, industrial, and agricultural settings. It serves as a preferred choice for sanitary and storm sewer conveyance, septic tanks, and stormwater detention systems, particularly in locations with high groundwater levels, thanks to its ability to prevent infiltration.

DuroMaxx SRPE containment offers an economical, reliable, and schedule-friendly solution for a wide range of liquid containment challenges. Consider how it could seamlessly integrate into your next project, offering both practicality and peace of mind.