How to Efficiently Handle Snow Melt Runoff

Contech Slotted Drain™ is used effectively to intercept storm water runoff from wide, flat areas such as parking lots, municipal streets, highways, and airport runways and taxiways. In these installations, the slotted drain is placed transverse to the direction of storm water flow or snow melt runoff. The open grate intercepts all the flow uniformly along the entire length of the drain.

Contech Slotted Drain™ – Ideal for Snow Melt Runoff

Slotted drain is fabricated from corrugated steel pipe in 12” – 36” diameters. The pipe is cut along a longitudinal axis in the crown of the pipe. A reinforced, hot-dip galvanized, heavy gage, steel grate is welded in place to create a continuous 1 ¾ inch wide slot opening in the crown of the pipe. The slot collects runoff and channels it to the pipe invert below, which will drain to an outlet. The drain pipe can be manufactured from galvanzied, Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2), or polymer-coated corrugated steel pipe.

The design and layout of the Steel Slotted Drain allows for a perfect drain of snow melt. When snow is plowed on the high elevation side of the highway or parking lot, the snow is allowed to melt slowly and drain along the entire length of the drain. The slotted drain will prevent the cycle of snow melt during the day, water crossing over the road, and then freezing as the sun goes down.

For over 50 years Steel Slotted Drain has been installed in cold weather states from Maine to Alaska.

Left Photo: Polymer-Coated Steel Slotted Drain with hot-dip galvanized grate is an excellent choice to increase the service life of the pipe where heavy amounts of de-icing salts are used.