A Glimpse into Contech’s Dealer Network

Contech is the leading manufacturer of Corrugated Steel Pipe in the United States.  With over 40 manufacturing locations and 200 field people, our presence is felt coast to coast. As a manufacturer, we need store front locations. Contech’s Dealer network contributes that needed store front.

Our Dealer network consists of all types of business partners to handle various projects.  We have dealers who choose not to stock inventory, these dealers are very strong with project-based business such as underground detention, storm water management, etc.  We call these dealers, “Brokers”, they are an integral part of our distribution network.  Brokers have relationships with contractors and other buying customers allowing Contech to spend more time with specifying engineers and agencies to grow product acceptance throughout the construction industry, ultimately helping our dealer network grow their business along with Contech.

We also have dealers that stock inventory, known as “Stocking” dealers.  Our vast array of stocking dealers range from one-person business’ to stocking dealers that have multiple locations.   All Stocking Dealers are a key source of inventory management and help expand our footprint and better service the customer. “Stocking” dealers may also bid project-based work and, at times, even sell direct shipments from a Contech plant directly to jobsite.   However, most of the time, their business is geared in and around inventory.  Contech is willing to assist in ideal stocking levels for dealers, provide co-branded product collateral and technical support when needed.

Our dealer network is an extremely important part of what makes Contech successful.  Our Dealer Partners are critical to servicing contractors or buying customers in this busy construction world.  We appreciate all of our partners and their willingness to be a part of the CONTECH TEAM.