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Steel Bender Brewyard

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stormwater Detention with Pretreatment


Chant Associates


Larry Read and Associates


Franklins Earthmoving, Inc


July 2014

The Steel Bender Brewyard is a restaurant and 8,600 square-foot brewery located in the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Engineers from Larry Read and Associates worked with Contech to design stormwater management systems to treat and infiltrate runoff from the parking lot of the five-acre property. Stormwater controls were required due to the Middle Rio Grande MS4 Permit, which states that all new development projects equal to or greater than 1 acre are required to manage runoff from precipitation which occurs during 90th percentile storm events.

The stormwater management solution is comprised of four CDS hydrodynamic separators and three perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) detention systems.  The total volume of each perforated system includes allowed storage in the stone backfill.

The 96” CMP was a more cost-effective solution than the originally considered shallow plastic chambers, and Contech’s design assistance including stage storage calculations and system layouts, provided further value to the engineer and owner.

The south system consists of 535 LF of 96”, 14 gage, 5x1, perforated CMP. This system has one barrel with bulkheads on both ends, two 36” risers, and provides a storage volume of 43,819 CF. This system has two inlets, each with a CDS hydrodynamic separator for pretreatment.

The west system consists of 76 LF of 96”, 14 gage, 5x1, perforated CMP,. This system has one barrel with bulkheads on both ends, two 36” risers, and provides a storage volume of 6,463 CF. This system also includes a CDS unit for pretreatment. 

The east system consists of 489 LF of 96”, 14 gage, 5x1, perforated CMP providing a storage volume of 37,494 CF. This system uses three barrels, one 36” riser, with a header on one end and bulkheads on the other, and includes a CDS unit for pretreatment.

While not mandatory, the four CDS units were added as pretreatment to reduce sedimentation in, and maintenance of, the infiltration systems. The CDS uses swirl concentration and continuous deflective separation to screen, separate and trap trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.

With a tight timeframe, Contech coordinated the fabrication and delivery schedule with Franklins Earthmoving to ensure a timely installation. “I’m very pleased with the Contech systems” said Greg Chant, VP of Chant Associates and the owner and developer of the Steel Bender Brewyard, “Probably the best testament to your products is that I’d do it all again!” 

Technical Description:

  • (4) CDS® hydrodynamic separators
  • 1,100 LF of 96" perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

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