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River Run

Powell, Ohio




Cugini Capoccia Builders Inc. Bauer Davidson Merchant Trucco Construction Company


June 2007

A unique combination of BEBO® arch units and precast headwalls and wingwalls provided a cost effective solution for Cugini & Capoccia Builders, Inc. in Powell, Ohio. Bauer, Davidson & Merchant Engineering faced the challenge of spanning an environmentally protected waterway. A 54-ft. span E-Series BEBO was selected for its ability to completely span the 100-year flood plain.

A major benefit of the buried structure was the ability to put 12-ft. of cover over the top and run all utilities through the fill, including water and sewer lines. The aesthetic arch also provided a signature bridge for River Run.

Construction crews encountered several challenges during the installation in June. There was limited access to the north side of the stream due to a severe drop in grade from the top of the bank to the stream. The contractor also had to excavate for the footing to the top of rock and pour a lean concrete subfooting to support the spread footings due to fractured limestone.

The 13 BEBO twin-leaf arches were set in two days. Later in the same week, the contractor grouted the keyway and completed the crown joint with the required steel and concrete. The following week, the precast headwalls and wingwalls were installed; and the bridge was ready to be backfilled.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 54-ft.
  • Rise: 20-ft.
  • Length: 80-ft.

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