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Mission Road over Rock Creek

Fairway, Kansas

Streambank Stabilization


City of Fairway


Shafer Kline Warren Inc.


Pyramid Contracting, Inc.


July 2008

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40S
  • Area: 16,540 sf

After a deteriorating structure in the Rock Creek area of Fairway, Kansas, was replaced with a conventional bridge, a product was needed to provide bank stabilization. The Rock Creek area is an urban drainage channel that is highly susceptible to rapid changes in flow rates and depths. In fact, the area was closed for over a year because the former bridge had deteriorated and often flooded during severe storms.

In order to maintain the stabilization of the channel banks during high flows and also to allow “greening” of the overbanks, an ArmorFlex articulating concrete block system was selected and installed. In order to meet a design request made by the Greenspace Committee of Fairway, a majority of the openings in the ArmorFlex mat were planted with a variety of plant plugs to provide the channel with a vegetated look.

“I had some reservations at first and was afraid that the channel would look manufactured” said Bill Stogsdill, Director of Public Works for the City of Fairway. “After installation and the planting, however, the product exceeeded my expectations. This product holds bank stability through high water velocities and still looks natural with native grass plantings in the open cells”

In addition, the project won the American Public Works Association (APWA) 2009 Transportation Project of the Year Award in the $5-25 million category.

“From our perspective, this product worked well and helped the overall project become a success” added Gary Strack, Associate/Director, Structural Engineering of Shafer, Kline & Warren, Inc.


Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40S
  • Area: 16,540 sf

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