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Jordan Landing

West Jordan, Utah

Stormwater Detention


Sorensen Development Co.


Nolte Consultant Engineers


Ames Construction


June 2000

This massive underground retention system was comprised of eight separate galleries with more than 20,000 feet of 48-in. Ultra Flo pipe from Contech.

The 40-foot pipe lengths weighed only 1600 lbs each. The manifolds and manhole risers were prefabricated. The installation was quick and economic.

Total savings to the owner over the HDPE pipe alternate was over $400,000. To ensure a watertight system, the City of West Jordan tested the bands and gaskets to 10 feet of head.

Technical Description:

  • 20,000 L.F. 48-in. Aluminized Steel Type 2Ultra Flo Pipe
  • Over 300 elbows, tees, and risers

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