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Hebron 121 Station - Resort Apartment Homes

Lewisville, Texas

Storm Sewer


Hebron - 121 Station


Graham Associates


Bandera Utility Contractors, Inc.


May 2013

Who wouldn’t want to live in a resort-style urban old-world environment packed with sun, fun and community activities? The residents of Hebron 121 Station in Lewisville, Texas are certainly no exception. In fact, this unique apartment complex is exactly that – brand new luxury apartments designed specifically for community members looking for a resort-style residence.

To provide efficient parking and safe accommodations, the owners of Hebron 121 decided an expansion to the available parking area would be required. The additional surface area needed for this parking area would need an efficient way to handle the additional surface water runoff that would more than likely collect after any heavy rainfall event. They turned toward a solution manufactured and designed by Contech Engineered Solutions which utilized 18-inch diameter Slotted Drain. Given the additional area, they determined that the best solution would be to run a slotted drain system along the length of the available parking by the apartment buildings providing an efficient surface runoff drain solutions. With standard pipe lengths of 20’ the 1,731 LF system was quickly installed by local contractor, Bandera Utility Contractors, Inc. Once in place, the slotted drain was backfilled with a high slump concrete with the top of the grate recessed for a clean finished grade of pavement.   The galvanized slotted drain would provide the local residents a safer roadway and parking area through out the complex.

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Technical Description:

  • Product: Contech Slotted Drain™, 16 GA, galvanized
  • Diameter: 18-in
  • Length: 1,731 LF

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