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County Road 1150N

Vermillion County, Indiana

Roadway Over Creek


Vermillion County


CPI Supply


CPI Supply


October 3, 2002

In June of 2002, a major storm completely washed a Vermillion County road bridge downstream. Shutting down the road for construction meant creating a 15-mile detour delay, and county officials determined a different, more permanent solution was needed. Due to the road’s importance for emergency vehicle access, it was critical to find a quick, economical solution to bridging the stream.

To rapidly replace the bridge, CPI and Contech proposed a design-build solution. The design included engineering and a method to oversee the bidding process. The replacement structure consisted of a 40’ span x 24’ wide Contech Steel Stringer bridge. The structure was hot-dipped galvanized, utilized an asphalt deck and had an attached guardrail system.

The abutments were placed on a reinforced concrete spread footing and were constructed with H-Beams and Contech’s Bridge Plank. This was an economical solution verses a full height cast-in-place concrete abutment. The Contech prefabricated, clear-span steel bridge meets AASHTO HS-25 demands for the heavier loads required by the mining industry and allows water, as well as debris and vegetation, to flow freely downstream.

Technical Description:

  • Width: 24 -ft.
  • Span: 40 - ft.
  • Style: Steel Stringer
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Decking: Asphalt

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