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Airline Drive

Metairie, Louisiana



Digital Engineering & Imaging


Angelo Iafrate Construction


July 20, 1999

Contech provided over 1,300 feet of CON/SPAN® as part of a new channel enclosure structure. Formerly, the drainage canal ran adjacent to Airline Drive, the main roadway handling traffic flow to the new practice facility for the New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Zephyrs Stadium and the LaSalle recreational park. Increased traffic to the area created a need for a widened roadway that offered turning lanes into the stadium and the recreational areas.

With the existing open channel adjacent to the roadway, Digital Engineering & Imaging found a solution in CON/SPAN®. Using over 160 culvert units, designed for highway loading, Jefferson Parish enclosed the channel. The new infrastructure allowed the parish to reclaim the land for use in the subsequent roadway widening and enhance the landscaping of the area. Once the foundations were prepared, the entire structure was installed in only a matter of days.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 14 ft
  • Rise: 7 ft
  • Length: 1,330 ft

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