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ABX Air, Inc.

Wilmington, Ohio

Taxiway Bridges and Extensions


ABX Air, Inc.


R. W. Armstrong


SK Construction


June 2, 1993

This highway underpass runs below an airport taxiway for Airborne Express’ (ABX, Inc.) international hub. The precast units were set on cast-in-place pedestal walls. The structure is one of two at this site designed to carry a fully loaded 747 cargo plane, weighing 900,000 pounds, over a relocated highway. “CON/SPAN ® was selected because it provided the required strength for heavy loading, had an attractive appearance, offered long-term durability with low maintenance requirements, and was the lowest cost solution” said Steve Gress, the project manager for R.W. Armstrong Engineers in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 36-ft.
  • Rise: 10-ft.
  • Length: 192-ft. & 180-ft.

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