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Stormwater management is a broad topic, significant to us all.   It is important for the environment, there are endless regulations to abide by, an ever-expanding portfolio of products to choose from, budgets to meet and many opinions to consider. This is why we created The Stormwater Blog.

At Contech, we have experts who have been in the stormwater industry for decades. From lab and field specialist to regulatory experts and global market professionals, we have a wealth of information to share with the community of fellow stormwater professionals.

Since The Stormwater Blog’s launch two weeks ago, we were recognized by another great online resource for stormwater information, The Inlet. The Inlet is an open forum for discussing Virginia’s new stormwater regulations and other sustainable development issues, co-written by civil engineering and environmental experts.

The Stormwater Blog was created in the spirit of sharing information with the stormwater community (and the stormwater curious) and we feel it is important to pass on valuable resources, both locally and internationally.

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