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Terry Ave & 43rd Street

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Stormwater Detention


City of Sioux Falls


Stockwell Engineers Inc.


Winter Brothers Underground Inc.


September 2018

Technical Description:

  • 5,000 LF of 138" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, undertook a 9.7 million dollar project aimed at keeping southwest Sioux Falls dry. Part of these improvements included the largest stormwater detention system in the city. The intent was to enhance the drainage of stormwater runoff in the surrounding community more efficiently. For many of the adjacent properties, frequent, adverse flooding during rain events had become commonplace. This new system would drastically improve the drainage in the area.

A study was conducted five years previously to determine the best method to correct the problem of flooding in the area. The study concluded a solution to store roughly 5.5 million gallons of water was needed. Those results lead the city to select an underground storage system as the best solution given the large storage volume required to handle rain events effectively and the relatively small footprint available. The project engineers, Stockwell Engineers, put the proposed plans out for bid. The winning bidder, Winter Brothers Underground LLC, reached out to their local pipe dealer, Core & Main, to see what it would take to manufacture and install the pipe necessary to construct this large detention system.

As part of the proposed improvements, a rugby field was relocated, and the new system was manufactured and installed in its place. A 222’ x 461.5’ system (roughly 1 mile in total linear feet of pipe) was constructed. Core & Main reached out to Contech to determine what options were available to manage the production and delivery of this massive amount of pipe. It was determined that the use of Contech's MOBILE PIPE® mill would be the most economical solution. The MOBILE PIPE mill can be delivered to remote site locations on trucks and assembled on-site for fast and cost-effective on-site steel pipe manufacturing. 

Utilizing the MOBILE PIPE® mill, Contech manufactured more than 5,000 LF of 138” diameter ALT2 perforated CMP on-site.  The system includes 138" perforated ALT2 using a double header and 12 rows of pipe.  A 108” bulkhead was placed on the west end and a 96” bulkhead on the east end. The system provides 740,519 cf of storage . The land above was reconstructed as a park that includes soccer fields and green space for the residents to enjoy.

Technical Description:

  • 5,000 LF of 138" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

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