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Suncoast Community Healthcare Center

Plant City , Florida

Stormwater Detention


Suncoast Community Healthcare Centers, Inc. 


5M Civil


Wetherington Tractor Service, Inc. 


May 2018

Technical Description:

  • 4,639 LF of 27" perforated Aluminized Steel Type2

Two Suncoast Community Healthcare Center clinics merged with the creation of a new two-story, 24,000 sf building.

The site required a Florida DOT Drainage Connection Permit and a Southwest Florida Water Management District permit. The project is also located in a FEMA designated floodplain area, which limited the ability to increase grades. These factors, combined with a high groundwater table, restricted the space available to construct a stormwater system.

For this project, the engineer selected 27” diameter pipe backfilled with stone. This pipe diameter allowed the engineer to design to the 12" minimum cover threshold. The design was further optimized by reducing the amount of stone backfill. Contech’s perforated pipe has been load tested using soil backfill. This means the stone typically used to enhance storage and allow for percolation is not a requirement, it’s a tool to accomplish those two design objectives. Stone is expensive, often representing 40 percent of the overall system cost. The perforated pipe was designed to be placed directly on the geotextile; there is no stone below the pipe. This reduced the stone quantity and eliminated the cost associated with placing, leveling, and compacting an initial stone layer.

Contech’s perforated pipe solution helped the engineer deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution for their client. One that optimized the site’s limited vertical storage and left nothing on the table. 

Technical Description:

  • 4,639 LF of 27" perforated Aluminized Steel Type2

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