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South Rice Apartments

Houston, Texas

Stormwater Management




Brownstone Construction

Texas Underground Utilities


Summer 2020

Technical Description:

  • 2,244 LF of 72" Aluminized Steel Type 2
  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator

South Rice Apartments is one of two affordable housing communities funded in part by Hurricane Harvey Community Development Block Disaster Recovery Grants issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The complex includes 115 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.

Given the urban environment in which the project was built, there was no land available for above ground stormwater detention. Therefore, the design team looked for an underground solution that could be combined with a treatment solution to meet local SWQMP requirements.

The underground detention system had to be designed to fit a tight footprint under a drive aisle, outside of the building footprint. Contech helped design a detention system made from 2,244 LF of 72” diameter corrugated metal pipe that provides 66,442 CF of storage. The system is comprised of 3 barrels connected by a 24” manifold on one side, and was designed to withstand fire truck loading. Contech provided AASHTO structural calculations and installation cost estimates to help the engineer better analyze the best long term solution for the site.

In addition to the detention system, Contech also provided a  4' diameter CDS hydrodynamic separator that was placed downstream of the detention system. The CDS is designed to treat the first half-inch of runoff as required by local regulations. Using swirl concentration and continuous deflective separation, the CDS will screen, separate and trap trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.

In the end, Contech reduced the cost of the detention system, provided a treatment solution to meet water quality goals, and assisted the engineer and contractor through the design, specification, permitting, and installation of the system. 

Technical Description:

  • 2,244 LF of 72" Aluminized Steel Type 2
  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator

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