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South Florida Autism Charter School

Hialeah, Florida

Stormwater Detention


South Florida Autism Charter School


Aylward Engineering


  • General Contractor: Turin Construction Corporation, Parkland, FL.
  • Site Contractor: Zahlene Enterprises Inc., Medley, FL.


Summer 2020

Technical Description:

4,236 LF of 30" Aluminized Steel Type 2

The South Florida Autism Charter School provides education and therapeutic services to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders with communication deficits or behavioral challenges that may require self–help skills training.  In 2020 a, new 60,000 square foot facility was built to house the nearly 300 students from Kindergarten through high school. The facility includes spaces designed for practicing everyday, necessary activities such as going to a doctor's appointment, shopping, etc.

Using an above-ground pond would have significantly reduced the area available for campus facilities, so engineers designed an underground solution constructed from 4,236 feet of 30" diameter, perforated, corrugated metal pipe (CMP) providing 55,327 CF of storage. 

The CMP's minimum cover capability allowed permitting on this tight sight, while also allowing for a flexible design formed around numerous landscape features without modifying the landscape or parking plans. 

SouthFlorida AutismCharter-1.JPG

Technical Description:

4,236 LF of 30" Aluminized Steel Type 2


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