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High Tower Residential

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stormwater Detention


Maifly Development


The Gateway Engineers


Iron City Construction


August 2022

Technical Description:

  • 124' of 96" Aluminized Steel Type 2

High Tower Residential consisted of demolishing existing facilities and constructing two mixed-use buildings, parking areas, driveway lanes, and associated utilities. The new facilities called for a new stormwater system to capture runoff from the new building’s roof and other proposed impervious surfaces. 

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP), often the material of choice for underground infiltration, was chosen for this project as it was the most cost-effective solution. By utilizing CMP, the Contractor, Engineer of Record, and owner were able to meet the stormwater requirements and life cycle needs for this application.

Due to site constraints, the Engineer of Record elected to utilize four separate BMPs to meet the storage volume required instead of one large system. Each system used 96” diameter Aluminized Steel Type 2. Using 96” pipe maximized the stored volume within the system footprints. Systems 1-3 provided 6,233 CF of storage each, while system four provided 5,630 CF of storage.

Installation took place over one month. Contech provided an on-site pre-construction meeting with the contractor and conducted periodic site visits to ensure the systems were installed correctly. The contractor installed the CMP using excavators with straps to set the pipe, steel bands for the joints, and an excavator to backfill around and between the pipe barrels. Installation went as planned, and the system is now in place and operating as intended. 

Technical Description:

  • 124' of 96" Aluminized Steel Type 2

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