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Beaverton Stormwater Treatment Facility

Beaverton, Oregon

Stormwater Treatment


City of Beaverton




Moore Excavating 


June 2020

Technical Description:

  • Panel Vault Stormwater Management StormFilter®

The City of Beaverton foresees a revitalization of its downtown and is taking a proactive role to provide stormwater treatment within drainage areas that could experience redevelopment activity. The City is currently investing in regional underground public stormwater facilities at two locations as part of this project.

Construction of one of the facilities was completed in August, 2020. The location is near a large tributary area (mostly untreated under pre-project conditions) that could see multiple redevelopment projects in the future. The project was constructed to provide regional treatment, allowing lots within the tributary area to be redeveloped without the need for individual on-site treatment.

The facility consists of two large vaults. The first vault is used to facilitate sedimentation. The second vault is a custom 56' x 14’ Panel Vault Stormwater Management StormFilter that provides media filtration. The vault is designed to hold 212 StormFilter cartridges filled with Perlite to remove TSS, oil, and grease.

Contech leveraged its past project experience to develop a site solution that met the needs of the City. The vault was placed in a limited footprint and took many design meetings to develop the right solution. Some of the critical factors were adequate maintenance access, ability to fit into constrained right-of-way, flexibility for future redevelopment, and hydraulic calculation support. Once the concept design was completed, Contech worked closely with a local precaster, Columbia Precast, to develop the structural design and coordinate delivery of the structure.

This first phase of the stormwater treatment facilities project, which broke ground on June 3, 2020, was completed on August 5, within a critical 58-day construction window. Phase 2 (flow-splitting and conveyance infrastructure) is being coordinated and integrated into the other city-led projects and was construction during the summer of 2021, at which point the filter cartridges were added to the vault and the system was brought online.

Technical Description:

  • Panel Vault Stormwater Management StormFilter®

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