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New Bell & Spigot Pipe Solution from Contech Engineered Solutions Eases Installation
January 04, 2024

West Chester, OH (January 5, 2024) – Contech® Engineered Solutions (“Contech”), a Quikrete company, announced today the launch of QuikJoint® with UHP (ultra-high performance) technology, an innovative joint solution for the DuroMaxx® SRPE (steel reinforced polyethylene) piping system that allows for easy in-ground pressure testing to confirm proper installation and performance. QuikJoint is manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D-3212, providing ease of installation and long-term reliable compression of redundant gaskets between high strength steel that is fully encapsulated by high-density polyethylene (HDPE). DuroMaxx with QuikJoint is available for the entire diameter range (30”-120”) and is easily installed utilizing standard equipment and techniques customers already employ on large diameter pipeline projects. The innovative post installation joint test is completed in minutes using a simple compressed air tank and pressure gauge.

“We are incredibly excited about this enhancement to the DuroMaxx SRPE product line.” said Bob Kerr, vice president of plastics at Contech. “QuikJoint is a game changer for large diameter applications that will greatly enhance speed and efficiency of installation as well as the performance and quality of solutions we offer our customers. DuroMaxx with QuikJoint furthers Contech as a market leader in the sanitary sewer and other high demand industries.”  

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