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Contech® Receives Four Awards at the 12th Annual Project of the Year Awards!
April 22, 2024

Each year at the NCSPA Annual Meeting, the industry hosts a project of the year competition in various project categories. The competition highlights applications for corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and the benefits of CSP in providing long service life and economical solutions with a strong product offering design flexibility in a sustainable environment. The project winners will form the foundation of this year's NCSPA Digital and Print Media marketing campaign. This year, Contech won 4 Project the Year Awards:

  1. GOING GREEN: NMDOT I-25 in Des Moines, Iowa
    In the United States, there are more than a million automobile accidents per year involving wildlife, racking up more than $8 billion in medical costs and vehicle repairs annually and also endanger the wildlife and ecosystem. Instead of using conventional bridges with long term maintenance and ice issues on this dangerous stretch of highway, NMDOT decided to use custom size BridgeCor® deep corrugated steel structural plate bridge that met the wildlife openness ratio for the animal crossings under I-25 at Raton Pass and offered a savings over conventional bridges while protecting both drivers and especially the black bear population in the area. 
  2. REHABILITATION: Logan County in Logan County, Ohio
    In Fall 2023, a deteriorated bridge on County Road 70 in Logan County Ohio, was replaced with a BridgeCor® deep corrugated structural plate buried bridge. Installing an innovative bridge structure resulted in the following: total project cost was over $17,000 less than the estimated cost to install a single-span superstructure on new piling and abutments. The structural plate option is also expected to have much lower maintenance costs over its lifespan versus a non-buried structure. 
  3. POLYMER-COATED: West Shore Lake Pontchartrain in Garyville, Louisiana
    In the River Parishes of Louisiana, residents have long grappled with persistent flooding issues. After numerous delays spanning decades, the monumental initiative to safeguard these communities from flooding officially commenced in 2022. The cornerstone of this endeavor, the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Levee, is now under construction, promising to furnish 100-year storm protection to a population of 60,000. In order to continue, an access road was needed. Ultimately, a four-barrel HEL-COR® polymer-coated, 12 gage CMP structure crossing over the existing drainage canal was utilized to create the access road. Read More »
  4. ALT2: I-35 Overpass Roadway Improvements in Des Moines, Iowa
    The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) undertook a crucial project that included both a bridge project as well as the widening of Interstate 35 from two lanes to three lanes in each direction for approximately eight miles. This infrastructure development aimed at enhancing the highway conditions and safety for daily commuters. The road widening portion involved leveling and resurfacing a significant section of the roadway, necessitating an effective surface runoff solution to manage anticipated sheet flow efficiently. After careful consideration, a Contech Slotted Drain™ system, manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions, was selected. Read More »