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Contech® Receives Five Awards at the 11th Annual Project of the Year Awards!
May 15, 2023

Each year at the NCSPA Annual Meeting, the industry hosts a project of the year competition in various project categories. The competition highlights applications for corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and the benefits of CSP in providing long service life and economical solutions with a strong product offering design flexibility in a sustainable environment. The project winners will form the foundation of this year's NCSPA Digital and Print Media marketing campaign. This year, Contech won 5 Project the Year Awards:

  1. RETENTION Winner | Digital Technology Site in New Albany, NY

    Engineers from SSOE in Columbus, OH, worked with Contech to design an underground detention system made from 22,259 linear feet of 108” diameter Aluminized Steel Type 2. The large pipe diameter maximized the available depth at the site and minimized the footprint. Engineers designed the system to hold 1.8 million cubic feet of runoff within the pipe and an additional 400,000 cubic feet within the stone using Contech’s Xfiltration joint, a specially designed joint to exfiltrate stormwater into the surrounding stone backfill. Read More »

  2. DOT Winner | Yellow Mill Bridge Rehab in Bridgeport, CT

    The Yellow Mill Bridge project located in Bridgeport, CT had specific needs that had to be met, and the custom buried bridge provided by Contech Engineered Solutions met all of them. Initially, Connecticut DOT planned to design the new structure in-house, ultimately looking for everything they would need to complete the structure design and specify & detail the project in a manner that could be fabricated and constructed.  As they reviewed prior structure options and learned more about the capabilities of deep corrugated structural plate and its ability to adapt to site needs, they determined that the custom BridgeCor® deep-corrugated steel buried bridge was the only solution that would meet the project requirements. 

  3. SPECIAL APPLICATION Winner | SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA

    In order to construct such a massive stadium in a location known for its frequent seismic activity, special foundation design consideration was required. The main structural elements of the stadium foundation were designed and constructed similar to a bridge on rollers, so that it could ‘’free float’’ and move independent of the surrounding soil in the event of an earthquake. In order to construct such a foundation, large diameter caissons were needed. Contech manufactured large diameter, heavy gage HEL-COR® caissons to function as a casing/airgap between the structural concrete support columns and backfill, often referred to as “isolation casings. Read More »

  4. POLYMER COATING Winner | Jackson Hole Airport Runway Improvement in Rockingham, VA

    The Jackson Hole Airport (JHA) runway project included three main phases and consisted of nearly 29,000 LF of Slotted Drain to capture all the surface runoff along the runway, providing an efficient snow removal system during the wintry months. The Slotted Drain system is low maintenance and works very well with the snow removal maintenance equipment, capturing nearly 100% of the runoff from the surrounding surfaces.  Read More »

  5. STRUCTURAL PLATE Winner | Imnaha Creek AOP in Umpqua National Forest, OR

    Directed by the United States Forest Service (USFS), a structure barring fish from proceeding upstream in Imnaha Creek to spawn needed to be replaced. The USFS provided AECOM, the project's engineer, with the project requirements, which included a minimum span, open area dimensions and an open bottom structure in which the natural streambed could flow. After researching options, AECOM decided that a 63'-8" x 21'-2" BridgeCor® Structural Plate arch, 65.25' in length, was the best solution because it was economical and structurally sound. Read More »

​All of Contech's project submissions were industry best-in-class. Thank you to everyone's hard work that promoted, specified, quoted, designed, manufactured and marketed these winning projects!