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White Street Culvert Replacement

Thomasville, North Carolina

Culvert Replacement


City of Thomasville


City of Thomasville


City of Thomasville, Pomona Pipe Products


October 2009

The existing structure on White Street was in need of replacement and an 8 inch diameter ductile iron utility line crossing through both sides of the structure presented unique challenges. Additionally, the City of Thomasville needed a structure that could fit within the 17 inches of available cover.

A 9-ft. x 4-ft. Aluminum Box Culvert was chosen for the culvert replacement because the wide-span, low-rise shapes are lightweight and provided a fast and efficient installation. Aluminum Box Culverts are available in a large range of standard sizes that permit a minimum cover of only 17 inches for all spans, and handle HS-20 and HS-25 live loads. The aluminum headwall also provided a suitable end treatment.

The 31-ft.-6-in. long structure was installed in two days by Pomona Pipe Products and the City’s Public Works department. Thomasville officials were pleased with the speed of installation and will look to use Aluminum Box Culverts on future projects. Overall, this Aluminum Box Culvert was a cost-effective solution for this small bridge replacement.

“Contech provided the most durable and cost efficient solution for this low-rise culvert crossing,” stated Chris Beaty with Pomona Pipe Products. “The aluminum headwalls allowed a fast completion and intersecting the 8-in. sewer line through this structure was a relatively simple issue.”

Technical Description:

  • Span: 9 ft x 7 in
  • Rise: 4 ft x 1 in
  • Length: 31 ft x 6 in
  • Product: Aluminum Box Culvert

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