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Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters – Riverview Campus

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Stormwater Treatment


Whirlpool Corporation


Abonmarche Consultants


Kalin Construction


Fall 2011

Technical Description:

(2) CDS® Hydrodynamic Separators

In an effort to gain greater efficiency from the 15 facilities Whirlpool Corporation operates in and around the Saint Joseph/ Benton Harbor area, the company announced a consolidation plan in late 2010 to relocate its corporate office into downtown Benton Harbor. The centerpiece of this effort was the redevelopment of a 11.5 acre parcel, which previously was the site of a Sears department store and a car dealership. The new campus consists of two three-story and one two-story office buildings and an amenities building. The amenities building houses common areas such as reception, conference space and a cafeteria. When all three phases are completed, the $70 million facility will house approximately 1,100 employees.

A key requirement Whirlpool placed on the design of the Riverview Campus was to incorporate green elements, allowing the company to seek LEED Gold certification. Approximately half of the LEED points necessary for gold certification were the result of site work performed by Abonmarche Consultants. Contributing to runoff management and a strong showing on the LEED scorecard is the use of two CDS hydrodynamic separators from Contech Engineered Solutions. CDS Separator units have an ability to effectively screen, separate and trap debris, sediment and oil from stormwater runoff. The patented system relies on water hydraulics, gravity, and a screen configuration to remove debris from runoff, and is an ideal system to meet trash Total Maximum Daily Load requirements. The system has no moving parts and requires little maintenance.

The two CDS units were installed at site outfall locations for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, resulting in cleaner water being returned to the St. Joseph river.

Technical Description:

(2) CDS® Hydrodynamic Separators


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