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Warren County Salt Sheds

Lebanon, Ohio

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When Warren County, Ohio, needed to adequately store their salt at their Lebanon location in the mid-1980’s, they decided to use Aluminum Structural Plate (ALSP) as a cost effective solution to the masonry arches and for its long term durability over a fabric roof. Enclosed facilities help prevent harmful effects to the environment and properly control runoff that might contaminate nearby streams and wells. A covered facility would also protect against clumping that would cause difficulty in handling and spreading and can ensure that salt is available when needed during critical storm periods.

Warren County chose ALSP arches from Contech for their salt storage facility because they offered low installation cost, long service life and maintenance savings. The corrosion resistance of aluminum was especially important, making them an ideal choice for salt storage.

The 70 linear feet of 61 ft x 22 ft ALSP arrived at the job site pre-fabricated, pre-punched and pre-drilled, providing quick and easy assembly into two storage arches. The light weight structure also made for easy lifting and required minimum handling equipment and thus, provided a quick installation compared to other structures.

“The Aluminum Structural Plate was a great fit for our project. It functions perfectly for our needs and, without question, we’ll stick with the ALSP product for our future salt sheds as well” said Lee Lewis, Assistant County Highway Engineer.

The dome structure was a rear loading shed with a reinforced concrete rear wall and a dirt ramp behind for filling. Adjoining sheds, which share a center reinforced concrete sidewall, were also installed and can be used for storage and mixing. The self-supporting, clear-span arches provided optimum work space, storage and access.

“The plate structure has worked out very well and we haven’t had to perform maintenance at all over the last 15 years. The product has great durability” said Kurt Weber, Deputy County Engineer.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 61 ft
  • Rise: 22 ft
  • Length: 70 LF
  • Product: Aluminum Structural Plate

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