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Vermijo & Sierra Madre Streetscape

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Surface Runoff


City of Colorado Springs




Wildcat Construction


July 2020

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™, variable height
  • Diameter: 12-inch
  • Length: 816 LF

The construction of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame located in the downtown area of Colorado Springs brought with it additional improvements that extended beyond to the surrounding community. Approximately 100 acres titled, the “Urban Renewal Area” are slated for an impressive renaissance expected to add numerous residences, offices, stores, restaurants and hotel rooms as part of a $2 billion transformation over the next two decades. The Urban Renewal Area will showcase the Museum as its centerpiece at intersection of Sierra Madre Street and Vermijo Avenue, creating an urban destination for Colorado Springs residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

The improvements intended to reflect the beautification to the area and focused primarily on both aesthetics and ease of pedestrian access to the many amenities located along the route. For this reason, the handling of the surface runoff throughout the area was imperative. It must handle the additional sheet flow while blending well into the streetscape design.

816 LF of 12-inch diameter, variable height Contech® Slotted Drain™ was chosen for its function, efficiency, and aesthetics. The intent was to create an open and inviting avenue to host festivals and other events. Should a storm blow up, the Slotted Drain would be able to handle the additional sheet flow from the area, removing the water from the area and improving the safety of the foot traffic as well. The Contech Slotted Drain met all of the design criteria outlined in the site plans while also providing an aesthetically appealing finish with its APA compliant heel guard finish. 

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™, variable height
  • Diameter: 12-inch
  • Length: 816 LF


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